Crazy Time Live by Evolution

Crazy Time Live is a real money game show based on the concept of the wheel of fortune live casino games.

If you are a fan of Monopoly Live, Dream Catcher then this version of Wheel Of Fortune game will definetely keep you entertained.

Here we have a completely new live casino concept with live casino entertainment and RNG gameplay mixed in one, where players have chances to win up to 20.000x your bet.

There are several versions of this live casino game developed by different companies, but in today’s guide, we will talk about the version of Crazy Time Live created by Evolution Gaming.

In the following Crazy Time guide, we will go deeper in the core of this game and show you where and how to play it, basic Crazy Time rules, features and couple of tricks that will increase your chances to win.

crazy time featured image

What is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a live casino game that can be played at all online casinos in New Zealand that have Evolution Gaming products in their game portfolio.

Crazy Time Live is a game based on the wheel of fortune concept mixed with RNG gameplay and features such as:

  • multipliers,
  • bonus games,
  • bet sizes that can fit all budget types
  • and the chance to win up to a maximum of € 500,000.

Where can I play the Crazy Time Live casino game?

As we said in our introduction to this game, Crazy Time can be found at all online casinos that offer Evolutions games.

All you need to do to visit the casino from our Evolution Gaming casinos list is to register, make a deposit and head to the live casino games section.

Here you can manually find the game or type in the casino search engine.

Since this is a live casino game, you will not be able to try it out in free mode or watch it, but in order to join you have to put in some money.

When choosing a casino that offers Crazy Time, it would be good to pay attention to a few things to ensure yourself top quality gaming experience.

We think of things like the quality of the casino, the possible special live casino bonus, the loyalty program and the availability of customer support.

Taking into account all the above factors and many others that we do not want to focus on and deviate from the topic, we have compiled a list of Crazy Time casinos that are most suitable for New Zealand players.

Top Crazy Time casinos

Crazy Time gameplay details

When we enter the game we will see on our screen a huge studio with 5 different areas, one for the main game and 4 when the bonus round is activated.

Before we start with explanation of the basic rules and Crazy Time gameplay, let’s take a look on some interesting and very usefull stats when it comes to this game.

Bet/segmentsNumber of SegmentsRTP %Payouts
Cash Hunt295.2up to 500.000€
Pachinko294.3up to 500.000€
Coin Flip495.7up to 500.000€
Crazy Time194.4up to 500.000€

Introduction to the game

Firstly in the main game, we see a host, a wheel of fortune and on the top of the wheel, we see a function called TOP SLOT.

Wheel of Fortune has 54 segments with indicated numbers 1, 2, 5, 10 and bonus game symbols.

These symbols include Crazy Time, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Cash Hunt.

Placing bets

Each round players can place bet eider on numbers or bonus fields.

Each bet has its own RTP percentage and probability.

betting layout
Betting layout

Of course, placing bets on fields that can lead you to a bonus game gives the best chances to win, many experienced players say that the most winnings players can take from numbers bet.

Bonus bets come rarely but can give massive prizes.


Players will have 15 seconds to place their bets each round, and there will be a total of 8 possible outcomes.

The player can win some of the bonus games or some of the numbers bets.

If you bet on numbers, your bet will be multiplied by the number on which flipper stops + eventual TOP slot multiplier.

So if you place your bet on a number 5, if the flipper stops at number 5, your bet will be multiplied 5 times + TOP slot Multiplier.

Crazy Time Top Slot spin

Now you probably ask what the heck is Top Slot multiplier, well here is the answer.

Top Slot multiplier is the function located above the Crazy Time wheel of fortune, and in the time when the host spins the wheel of fortune, this function starts to spin too.

The top Slot is a 2-reels 3-row slot, and the goal is to match to symbols in one line.

Top slot spin
Top Slot spin

When that happens, the matched number in line is a multiplier on your winnings from the main game.

This is something new in the live casino concept, and that is one more advantage that makes this game attractive and interesting.

Crazy Time bonus rounds

As for the bonus rounds, we have 4 different ones here and it’s time to explain each one individually and how they work.

To activate going to the bonus round, you must place a bet on one of the bonus fields.

Available bonus fields for placing bets on the Crazy Time wheel are:

  • Pachinko
  • Coin Flip
  • Crazy Time
  • Cash Hunt

Each of these bonus games has a different RTP chance of winning and a different course of play.

See below for instructions on how they work.


The Pachinko bonus rounds area consists of the huge Pachinko Wall, and the puck that the host drops from the top of the wall.

At the bottom of the wall there are fields with multipliers of different amounts and two special “double” fields.

  • If the ball lands on a multiplier your bet is doubled for that amount.
  • If the ball lands on one of the two “double” fields you are entitled to another bonus round, but all current multipliers amounts are doubled.
  • The outcome of landing a puck on a double field can be repeated until the multiplier reaches the 10,000x level.
  • The theoretical RTP percentage for this bonus game is 94.3%.
Pachinko bonus rounds

Coin Flip

This game is reminiscent of a classic coin game where we choose a head or tails.

Of the possible 54 segments on the wheel, the segment with this symbol is only 4 times, so the probability of winning is not so great.

  • By placing a maximum bet this bonus game can bring you a payout of € 500,000.
  • The theoretical RTP percentage is 95.7, which is not so much, if we take into account other bets.
  • There are two sides of the coin that are tossed automatically on the big screen, before you start you as a player must choose one side of the coin.
  • In this case it is red or blue. After that, the coin is tossed, and the color that is facing up wins.
Coin FLip bonus rounds
Coin Flip

Cash Hunt

If you’ve been to a fair and played shooring gallery, then you won’t even need this explanation because the gameplay is practically the same.

Out of a total of 54 segments, this bonus symbol occupies only two segments of the wheel of fortune.

  • The game contains a total of 108 different multipliers.
  • Your task is when you reach this bonus game, choose one symbol behind which you think the highest multiplier is hiding and aim it with a cannon.
  • Once the time expires the cannon will fire into that field or symbol. and the outcome will be shown on the display.
  • Each player will have a different outcome.
  • Theoretical RTP percentage of the game is 95.27%.
cash hunt bonus rounds
Cash Hunt

Crazy Time

This is the main bonus game. There is only one segment of 54 with this symbol in the wheel of fortune.

The probability of obtaining this symbol is strong. After receiving this bet, the host goes to the room with the door closed where the second Crazy Time bonus wheel of fortune is located.

  • In this wheel of fortune there are 64 segments with double, triple and multiplier symbols.
  • At the top of the wheel of fortune is not one but three flappers of different colors – green, yellow and blue.
  • Before the host spins the pot, the player must choose one of the flappers. If the wheel stops at a multiplier named 2x your bypass is doubled.
  • Duplication can reach a level of 20,000x.
  • The theoretical RTP percentage on this bonus game is 94.4%.
crazy time bonus rounds
Crazy Time

Other Wheel of Fortune live game show games

As we have said at the top of the article, this is not the only game from the Wheel of Fortune games online portfolio. You can find other live game shows games of this type and many online casinos.

The popularity of games like this is on the grow because players are bord by the old classic RNG gameplay and regular live dealer casino games.

Here below we have listed that we consider as most interesting for Kiwis, including:


What is the biggest win you can make?

Max win is € 500,000!

What is the game’s highest multiplier?

Under slots it is 50x, under Coin Flip it is 5,000x and under Pachinko you can get an incredible multiplier of 10,000x.

Can I play Crazy Time in demo mode?

Unfortunately not, live casino games can not be played in demo version.