Andar Bahar

Originating in Bangalore, India Andar Bahar is an online casino game.

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to find a popular new game of pure chance, but Andar Bahar is an exception.

Andar Bahar
Andar Bahar

Real money wagering isn’t usually available for this game, but determined bettors can usually find an exception to the rule.

Andar Bahar is a fun game that you can play with your friends.

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How to play

You can online play online Andar Bahar for real money in live casinos.

If you’re a frequent player of card betting games, you will know that most card games rely on a combination of luck, skill and the occasional educated guess.


Here is how you can play Andar Bahar:

  • First, join an online casino that features the game.
  • To begin, a first card is dealt and this is called the ‘Joker’ card. Players need to choose which side Andar (left) or Bahar (right) will have the card that matches the Joker card. After all the players have placed their bets (under a certain time limit), the playing round will start. Cards will be dealt, alternating between both sides.
  • Once you finish placing the bets, the dealer will draw a card which he will place in the middle. The main goal of the game is the prediction of whether Andar or Bahar will be dealt with first.
  • Now, depending on your last round, the dealer will begin providing cards to either Bahar or Andar on who won the last round. Another round will begin only when one of the sides gets the card.

The game is simple and does not take much time to learn, which is why it’s gaining popularity all around the world. From obscure beginnings, it is now becoming a staple at land-based casinos around the world.

First bet
In the first bet, the dealer starts the game by exposing the joker card.

After this, you have two options: either place your first bet on Andar or Bahar.

All the bets on Bahar will get a return of 25% if the first card dealt on Bahar is also a Joker card and resultantly, Andar will lose.

If the first card on Andar is a Joker, then Bahar will lose and Andar will be paid the money.
Second bet
The second bet occurs when both sides draw one card each and the Joker card is not on either side.

Now, the dealer will ask the players to wager on a second bet.

Following the same rule, if the initial card is Joker, the bets on Bahar will have a return of 25% and the Bahar’s first bet will be paid evenly.


In the Andar Bahar online betting game, the payouts will be based on your odds.

If a winning bet is placed on the part where the first card is dealt by the dealer, the payout is paid with the odds of 90% to 100%.

When the dealer places the second card the odds are 100% to 100%. The middle card’s colour decides where the dealer will place the initial card.

Let’s suppose you have bet 1,000 rupees on Andar Bahar online betting game.

If the middle card’s colour is red, your 1,000 rupees on the Andar side will pay you 2,000 rupees and your 1,000 rupees on the Bahar side will pay you 1,900 rupees.

However, if your middle card’s colour is black, your 1,000 rupees on the Andar side will pay you 1,900 rupees and your 1,000 rupees on the Bahar side will pay you 2,000 rupees.

That means if you win, you will get your bet repaid plus the earnings.

The probability of the original card appearing on the side where the initial card is dealt is almost 51.5%.

If we look into the details, we can easily conclude that the probability of the initial card on any bet is 2.15% and the second card is 3%.


Andar Bahar has three different variations available:

  • Live Andar Bahar
  • Online Andar Bahar
  • Speed Andar Bahar


As discussed above, Andar Bahar is an Indian-based game. In southern regions of India, Andar Bahar goes by the name “Katti” or “Mangatha” in local languages.

However, the international fame of this game is under the name “Andar Bahar”.

Developed by Pragmatic Play

Unlike the traditional version of the Andar Bahar game, Pragmatic play’s version has three side bets. Although they are optional you can always branch out and try your luck.

In this version, you can also guess how many cards the dealer is going to deal. If you win this bet, your payouts can vary from 2.5:1 to 1.19:1.

  • Pragmatic play
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    Established 2015


How can I win?

Andar Bahar is a game of chance so winning purely relies on luck.

Therefore, there is no specific way to guarantee yourself a win. The game is simply for fun and entertainment.

However, making sure you understand the rules perfectly can help you on your way.

Who invented Andar Bahar?

The game Andar Bahar has its origins in India. Online, the game developers Pragmatic Play are behind the development of the game.

Can i play for free?

No, it’s not possible online. You can only play in a live caisno against real dealers where you have to have money on the balance to play.