How to pick the best bingo numbers? Top 3 main tips to play bingo like a pro!

Online bingo is one of the most popular games on casino sites these days. Are there anybody that didn’t play bingo at least one time in life, or heard about it from friends?! Bingo is a very fun game, but when we are playing bingo, we all know that that is a straight game of chance and luck.

But how many did not know that there are methods and rules that can help us increase our chances of winning bingo numbers?

Believe it or not, there are, and today we present you top 3 best tips, methods to play bingo like a pro and hopefully grab a win!

  • Play smart & don’t depend just on your luck

Bingo is like a game of chess. So that is not just sit and play, of course, if you wanna win you should think a little besides depending on your luck. Play smart, that means if there is a small number of players in the game you should probably buy more bingo books or cards.

  • The famous Tippet theory

Tippet says if the game has 99 balls and the game is short where we hit 6 numbers then we should dial numbers that are closer to 99 and 1. While the game lasts longer then you should dial the numbers closer to the center and that’s number 45. So you can check it and let me know what happened.

  • Limit your budget

If you spend without thinking you will probably lose all your money. So you should always know when to spend more and know when to spend less. Experienced bingo players always play with patience and enjoy at every game. If you are amateur you should just take it easy, Play slowly at the beginning, watch how pros are playing and get your experience.

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Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!