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Everyone who goes to the casino online or in person knows all about the classic games. Casino fans know about Blackjack, Poker, the slot games, and ever more. What about the lesser known ones? There is one game that is only played in certain casinos and on certain websites, and it is called Sic Bo.

Sic Bo is very similar to more popular game craps, and it originates from China where it is called Dai Siu and Tai Sai.  Even this game is not so popular in the world, many Kiwis love to play it, and therefore we have made Sic Bo guide where you can learn all the rules, strategies and all important stuff you should know before you start to play this game.

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Rules of the game

How does one play Sic Bo (Precious Dice) is by betting on different outcomes of the dice that are rolled. The dice are rolled inside a box by the dealer. One the dice have been shaken; the dealer will then reveal the combination to the better during the game. The main idea of the game is to get the dice in one’s favor. Winning Sci Bo or Precious Dice is based on your luck and the luck of the house.

Learn 5 Sic Bo expert strategies

Sic Bo is a game that does have strategies much similar to any other game of chance. These are five tips or tricks when playing the Sic Bo.

No.1 – Playing it Safe

Playing it safe is a great way to play the game and win a little or lose a little bit of money. This strategy is also an excellent way to play Sic Bo online. This strategy is involved with making bets on high or low. It is a 1 to 1 ratio on whether one wins or loses. Again, this is a game of chance, so it is best to stay prepared for any outcome.

No.2 – Balanced Bets

Understanding the High or Low strategy is great, but if a gambler is feeling edgy or explorative, then one can participate in the balanced bets strategy. The Balanced Strategy in Sic Bo is betting on the number 9 or 12. These give the best chance at a win when going up against probability.

Place a bet on the chosen total then add to the three to double the bets. Keep in mind choosing doubles that have a better chance of being rolled. This is to ensure that the player still wins even if their total bet loses. It is how they bet on the dice.

No.3 – A Big-Payout

Players who are searching for bigger Payouts seek no further! This strategy is for Sic Bo players who want to win big. The big payout strategy is when betting on a certain triple payout. This for big risk takers and not for those who want to play it safe or cautious. If the player feeling lucky and risky, this strategy is the one for them when playing Sic Bo.

No.4 – Middle-of-the-Road

Middle-of-the-Road strategy in Sic Bo is when betting on a specific double, on a full three-dice roll, or any other betting scenario. It is less risky than the Big Payout strategy. It is safe to do but can still offer a decent size payout. Not sure what to bet on, the table or online screen will always show the payout in according to each bet.

No.5 – Multiple-Bets

The Multiple-Bet strategy is when the player can place as many bets during the roll of the dice. Doing a safe bet, the risky bet, and the middle bet on the dice can rear a better payout. It is a way to give the Sic Bo player the better odds against the dice. Additionally, it adds fun for those looking for something exciting during their Tai Sai game.

Types of Sic Bo

The strategies are great when playing Sic Bo, yet what type is one playing during their dice game? There are two variants, one is the Grand Hazard, and the other is Chuck-a-Luck. These are the more English version of Tai Sai.

  • Grand Hazard is the English version of Sic Bo. This variant is also played with the classic three dice. The name origin comes from another gambling game that is played with two dice. Grand Hazard dice are thrown with a cup or down a chute instead of shook inside of a box. The payouts for Grand Hazard is 18 to 1. Three of a kind are also known as raffles.
  • Chuck-a-Luck or Birdcage is the United States variant of Sic Bo. This version came from its English counterpart. The dice instead of a box, cup, or tumbled down a chute it is kept in a wireframe bird cage. The birdcage is pivoted at the center by the dealer. The dice would then fall from the bottom of it. This game version allows only a single number of wages. Triples are viable to add to the wagers if the dice come out like that. The odds of this is 30 to 1. Chuck-a-Luck use to frequent the Nevada casino tables until the original (Sic Bo) took of the tables. The game is much rarer in the States now and days.

Sic Bo versus Craps

Typical casino attendees would know either Sic Bo, Craps or both. Both of these games are heavily based on the roll of the dice.

A luck-driven game where the players bet on the what said dice would land on or the outcome of it. Both of these games could play in casinos or online casinos.

The most significant difference though is that the luck is more apparent in Sci Bo than it similar counterpart Craps. Craps requires a more strategic play than that of Sic Bo.

Top beginner tip: Be on the defense!

Beginners who are playing Sic Bo for the first time it is best to play on the defense. It means for newer players of the old game that play smart, safe, and patiently. With this style of play, it would allow more money in the bank account, and they can play longer.

Focusing on the small and big bets with some combination bets will allow players to gain decent profit throughout the game. The rate of this profit range is near 2.78 percent. This only and only if one plays on the slower side.

Betting options in Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game of many variations when it comes to betting. The luck, the big and small wins make the game even more excited.

The betting probability on the options is between 0.46 percent to 48.61 percent. The bets depend on the region one is in.

For Kiwi people of New Zealand, the probability will be different. So here is the betting percentage for the Kiwi people of New Zealand.

  • Small and Big (Hi-Lo) is the safest wager. The small is 4 to 10 and significant ranges from 11 to 17. It is the most common usage for gamblers of the game. For small/big it is 1:1 and 2.78% chance facing off with the house edge.
  • Odd and Even is another betting type for gamblers. Players participating can place bets on the dice outcome being even or odd, that is the dice combination as a whole. This betting type is not common in most casinos. Odd/Even both are a 1:1 to the 2.78 percent when facing the odds against the house edge.
  • Specific Triples also are known as Alls is when a player bets on a certain number that the dice would show being three of a kind. This betting type is very risky but can prove to have the best payout if won. The odds of this coming out to win is 180 to 1 with the house edge being 16.2 percent chance.
  • Specific Doubles is betting on a certain number. Two out three dice have to show the same number that is bet on. The odds of this one is 11 to 1 and 11.1 percent chance of losing against the house.
  • Any Triple or All is not like the Specific Triple, this betting type allows any win on a three of a kind. This has a lower ration versus to that of its riskier counterpart. The odds are 31 to 1 against an 11.1 percent house edge on the player.
  • Three Dice Total has many ranges of betting lines when adding up the total of the dice. It ranges from 4 to 17, 10, and 11 have a higher chance of winning. 10 and 11 do not have a high payout versus to other numbers. The odds range from 12.5 percent house edge versus a 62:1 to 6:1 up against house edge of 12.5 percent.
  • Dice Combination is when the player can choose two numbers to place a bet on. The probability is 13.9 percent. Placing the odds against the house is 6:1 with House’s edge being 2.8 percent.
  • Single Dice Bet is when the player places a wager on a particular number. The house edge with this type of bet is 3.7 percent. The odds of winning are based on the dice with one dice is 1:1, with two dice it is 2:1, and with three dice it is 12:1.
  • Four Number Combination is when the player chooses a four unique number for their bet. The bet will pay 7 to 1 if the roll matches with three of the chosen numbers. The house edge on this bet type os 11.1 percent with the odds of winning being 7 to 1.
  • Three Single Number Combination is when the dice shows a specific combination of three different numbers. The odds of this winning is 30 to 1. The house edge against the player is 13.9 percent chance.
  • Specific Double and Single Number is when two dice show the same number while the last one shows an entirely different number. The house edge against the better is 15.3 percent. The odds at earning a payout with this bet type is 60 to 1.

Free Sic Bo NZ

If you are a beginner and you have never played this game before, you can test this game for free on many online casinos.

That’s how you can get to know this game and build some experience for free, and after you become better in the game you can make your first deposit and start playing with some real action.

If you don’t want to play Sic Bo live against the dealer, you can play Sic Bo against the computer at Mr.Green casino and improve your experience.

Live Sic Bo

The most popular type of this game is at live casinos, where you can play in real time against a live dealer.

If you want to try this game live, the best casino we recommend is at Hyper casino.

live sic bo

Sic Bo history

Sic Bo was invented in China around 1,900 years ago. The rules of this game through history has not changed much if not at all. The dice game is also known as Tai Sai or Dai Siu.

Dai Sui means Big Small. The game was first played with a brick before replacing the heavy object with a pair of six-sided dice.

Sic Bo moved along with laborers to the United States around the 19th century. It took around two generations (the 1920s and the 1940s) before the people of the States learned about Sic Bo.

The gambling game was made a carnival by the Americans; hence, the name Chuck-a-Luck came forth.

Across the Atlantic, the game in the United Kingdom was mingled with a game called Hazard to form a variant known as Grand Hazard.

The original way of playing Sic Bo maintained through the years gaining popularity throughout the world. The game around 1960, Stanley Ho opened the Hotel Lisboa that featured Sci Bo but other gambling games.

With this success, others began to open tables featuring the old game to Chinese guest.

The game was on the main floor of casinos in the 1990s when China wealth grew. It wasn’t until 2002 that Sci Bo was legalized for the gambling tables in the United Kingdom.

The game popularity in the UK is slowly gaining traction now.

Sic Bo is still fun and exciting while being all over the world still maintaining its popularity in many avenues it started in like Macau.

At one point when the game was growing, in 1995 a casino in Biloxi, Mississippi has a mishap with the odds and payout rates.

It took a significant loss to discover the correct payout rates for Sic Bo.

Sic Bo Glossary

Any Double: A bet of any paid made on the dice.

Any Triple: A three of a kind on the dice.

Prominent: Wager place on the sum of a number 11 and 17 (Three of a Kind does not apply) during a round of Sic Bo.

Birdcage: A Sic Bo game variant where dice are rolled in a birdcage.

Cage: A small device used for rolling or shaking up the dice during a game of Sic Bo, the cage can be glass or a wooden chest.

Even: An even bet made when the total of the dice equals to that of an even number-available in certain casinos.

Hi-Lo: A Sic Bo variant with the same rules but played primarily in the Philippines-payouts varies.

Odd: A wager in Sic Bo where it is dependent on the total of the three dice coming to be odd-only available in certain casinos.

Small: A wager made where the total of the three dice equals to a number between 4 to 10, three of a kind does not apply to this.

Spin: A spin is another term for shaking or rolling the dice in the container they are in depending on the casino.

Any One Number: A wager where the player bets on a specific number to appear on the dice, the more the number appears higher the win.

Any Pair: A different term for the combination bet.

Betting Limits: The minor max amount that is allowed to be wagered on.

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