Blackjack charts

What are blackjack charts? Simply explained, a blackjack game plan anyone can follow in order to increase their chances of winning!

However, there is no guarantee of winning every time, but the table is designed by mathematical geniuses who, with the help of mathematics, make it easy for anyone to understand when to fold, split or choose a new card.

Simply explained, you see the dealer’s cards at the top and your own cards on the side.

Depending on what you and the dealer have, you get a letter that is either P = split, S = stand or H for hit. with a few exceptions that are mentioned on the chart.

Blackjack basic strategy charts

Exposed hole card

Exposed hole card strategy

No hole card

no hole card basic strategy

No das multi deck

No das multi deck

Multi deck

Multi deck strategy

No das one-deck

No das one deck strategy

Das one-deck

Das one deck basic strategy

No das two-deck

No das two deck strategy

Das two-deck

Das two-deck basic strategy

S17 one-deck

Das two-deck strategy

S17 two-deck

S17 two-deck basic strategy

S17 multi-deck

S17 multi-deck

Two card composition dependent

Two card composition dependent

Late surrender

Late surrender strategy

Early surrender

Early surrender

Before using the Blackjack basic strategy charts

Before using blackjack charts, you should first learn the basics and rules of blackjack if you don’t already know them.

You can learn more about Blackjack and the rules of the game here!

You should also try blackjack charts risk-free before playing for real money. You can do this by playing free blackjack at casinos that allow free play.


What is the right mindset when choosing the next move?

Always start by answering the question if giving up is an option, then if you should split if you can and finally if you should choose hit or just stand.

What is hard and soft in blackjack?

If you get an A, you have a soft hand because A can be both 1 and 11. If you don’t have an A, you have a tough hand. The same rules apply to the dealer.

How to read a blackjack chart?

At the top you see the dealer’s card values, on the left side of the page you see your card numbers.

Now follow your card to the dealer’s in the chart and you will get a letter.

The letter represents one of the 3 choices you can make which are hit, stand and split.

Are these charts printable?

Yes, and if you open the image’s url, you will also be able to see the image in a larger version.