Last Card

Last card or Switch is a popular card game in NZ gaming venues and schools that resembles to Uno and Crazy Eights in its style, rules and gameplay flow.

Last Card is also known as the classic Blackjack casino game, but these two card games have nothing in common other than the name.

Last Card with 3 players

If you want to master the rules of the game and increase your skill with some good tips, read the full guide below on how to play the Last Card.


♦️ Players4-8
♠️ Deck2 standard 52-card decks
♣️ OriginNew Zealand
❤️Special cardJoker


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Last Card rules

The objective of the game is to get rid of your cards in hand before any other player.

When a player has only one card in hand, he must say “Last Card”.

The game can be played with one or two standard 52-card decks. Jokers must be included.

To play the Last Card, the minimum number of players required is two, and the maximum is up to 5.

How to play Last Card?

The course of the Last Card is quite fast and straightforwards, so it is very important that you play tactically.

If you are played by 4 players you can split into pairs and play two against two.

The number of cards dealt is usually five, but if the game is played with two players you can deal more if you wish.

Let’s look below at the Last Card rules.

Dealing cards
In order to start this shedding type card game, firstly you need to shuffle cards and distribute the five cards to each player. When all players have received the cards, the game has started.
Start of the game
The dealer must take out the first card from the top of the deck, and the player who is next on the move will make the first action.
First move
The next player must follow the first card either with the matching number, or the matching suit.
If the player can not match a number or suit, then he must pick a cards from the deck, and pass the game to the next player.
The winner is the player who is the first to run out of cards. Do not forget to say Last Card when you have only one card in your hand. Player who do not say Last Card will receive one extra card.
Special Cards
There are also a special cards like Ace, Two, Eight and Joker that make this game more interesting, which we will explain below.

Special cards

What kind of card game would be the Last Card game without some turns and twists. Boring, yes we know.

So to make it more interesting the creators of this card game introduced a few special cards that can make the whole course of the game upside down.

The special cards include Aces, Two’s, Eight, Jack, and Jokers.

See the meaning of special cards:

AcesChange suit
Two’sNext player pick two cards
EightNext player miss turn
JackFree throw
JokersNext player pick up six cards and change the suit

Players actions

To make it more easier to understand the rules of the Last Card here we have explained in details all the actions after receiving each special card. These are:



A player can throw an ace at any time during the game when it is his turn to play. After throwing an ace, the player can choose another suit of his choice to be followed by the next player who is on the move.


twos in last card

Also called as terrible Two’s. When a player throws it, the next player on the move must pick up two cards before hitting.

If the next player has two in his hand, he can throw it to save itself by punishing the next player to pick up 4 cards. So the terrible two-sentence will go in a circle until the unlucky player breaks the chain and pick all cards.


eights in last card game

When player throws the eight, the next player in the line must skip his turn to play.


four jack cards

This card allows a player to have a free throw, which means he can play another card after throing jack.



When a player throws joker, next player must pick up 6 cards. Joker can be used no m atter what was the last card. Player who throw a joker gets to choose the suit of teh game.

Optional rules

There few optional rules that can be introduced to the game by choice of all payers.

  • Two and Five are pick up cards
  • card number 3 is a block pick up card
  • Instead of card 8, the 10 is a skip card
  • Joker can change the suit to any other

The winner

During the game, when a player is left with only one card in his hand after throwing cards, he is obliged to shout “last card”.

It is also important to know that the Last Card cannot be any of the special cards we mentioned (A, 2, J, 8, Joker).

Once you have decided on the last card in your hand, the game is over and you are all the winner.

Other players can continue the game if they wish, or start a new one.


What deck is used in Last Card?

In Last Card player can use standard 52-card deck with jokers included. Some variation of the game can be played without jokers.

What other card games are similar to Last Card?

There are so many other popular card games similiar to Last Card including:

How many cards must be picked after playing Joker card?

Many will say that a player must pick up 5, while others will say that a player must pick up 6 cards after the previous card was the Joker. However, there are so many variations of this popular game, so eventually players can make their own rules before the game starts. But in any case, the Joker is a penalty card.