Pivot Betting System

Pivot betting system is not just like the usual betting strategy. You know why? It’s a combination of positive and negative progressive casino betting strategy. This system is also simple and easy to use.

There is this common misconception that the Pivot is formulated for just roulette games. It may seem so but experts have proven that it works perfectly on other casino games.

how do pivot betting system works.
Pivot Betting System

We shall provide wide coverage of this betting system. Expect nothing short of the best review as you keep reading. Does Pivot strategy have any disadvantages? You will find out soon.


  1. Players are not required to increase their bets
  2. The level of risk is quite minimal compared to other strategies
  3. This strategy is very easy to understand
  4. You don’t have to memorize long sequences
  5. You don’t have to chase your losses


  1. It doesn’t guarantee that a particular number will appear always.
  2. You may lose all your bankroll if the “Pivot” number doesn’t appear after 35 spins

How does the Pivot betting system work?

It makes absolutely no difference if you are playing online or sitting physically in a casino house, the Pivot strategy can be applied in both cases.

Usually, before you embark on playing, you are supposed to watch other players. Find out the number that repeats always while they are playing.

Apart from the above tip, the Pivot betting strategy has some rules. If you want to win using this strategy, then these rules must be applied.

Rule one

Stake several low-risk bets on either odds/evens or black/red.

Stick to the base bet even if you are losing or winning.

For instance, if you stake $2 for the first bet, stick with this amount notwithstanding the outcome.

Rule two

If you are playing on an online casino, take note of the winning numbers that gets called twice.

If you can’t remember them, you can write them down especially while playing in a physical casino.

Stake the base bet on this particular number until the “Pivot” number wins.

For example, if these numbers 15, 23, 19, 5, 35, 26, 15, 2, appear on your first sequence, you are expected to pick the number that repeats twice as the “Pivot” number.

From this sequence, it’s obvious that 15 is the pivot number.

Then stake your bet on 15 for the next 35 spins until the pivot number (15 in this case) wins again.

Assuming the pivot number fails to repeat after 35 spins, you can choose another number that came up twice.

If you ask any expert they will tell you that this is all there is to this strategy.

Does the Pivot betting system work?

Roulette players are divided regarding the workability of the Pivot betting strategy. Other players believe that this strategy is a mere fallacy.

Giving this strategy a deep thought will sway you to believe that it works. However, before you proceed with the assumption that it works, don’t forget that no betting strategy will give you results all the time.

In our opinion, this strategy is workable but it depends on who you ask. The major factor that will make it work is luck.

Whether it’s a roulette game or not, the fact is that the house always has an edge. If mother luck shines on you, you will get returns from using this strategy.

Go ahead and give it a try, gamblers aren’t supposed to be afraid of taking a risk.

History of Pivot Betting System

The Pivot betting strategy is believed to have been coined from the Makarov system developed by a Russian roulette player called Alexander Makarov. His system closely resembles the Pivot strategy.

It involves a player choosing a single number and staking straight bets of the same amount on a particular number for the entire 36 spins.

However, unlike the Pivot strategy, Makarov system does not involve waiting to spot a number that is repeating. You can choose any number you want.

Old lady placing the bet on roulette using Pivot system.


From all our findings, it is clear that no strategy has satisfied gamblers desire to win. Expert always advises players to learn how to manage their bankroll. The two things a gambler needs to win are luck and proper bankroll management.

Most of these techniques are designed by marketers to lure players into staking more. Have a budget and stick to it. No wonder it is often said that player should stake 2 or 5 per cent of their bank as their baseline.

You can give the Pivot strategy a try because it may just be what will improve your chances of winning. If you are a beginner you can give this method a chance.

Trying it out on an online demo version of roulette is not a bad idea. It will give you an idea of what the likely result may look like and also help you structure your bet.

Finally, the Pivot strategy cannot eliminate the house edge. Stake responsibly and avoid chasing your losses.

Frequently asked questions

Is it compulsory to stake on the “Pivot” for 35 spins?

Just like most of the betting strategies, some rules must be followed. In this case, the Pivot strategy recommends that you stake the same number 35 times after it repeats twice within a sequence. Assuming it doesn’t appear within a sequence, you can switch to another number that appeared twice.

Does the Pivot betting strategy encourage chasing to lose?

It doesn’t encourage chasing loses per se. The aspect of this strategy that makes it seem like you are chasing losses is continuously staking the same number for 35 times. If luck is not on your side, the Pivot number may not appear.

Is the Pivot strategy suitable for casino games apart from roulette?

It is advisable to use this method for roulette only. Pivot strategy was formulated for roulette games. It may be suitable for other online spin games.


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