Which online casinos do not require verification and what does that mean exactly?

No verification casinos are basically like all other casinos but with one difference and that is that they do NOT require a verification before you can start playing and to withdraw money.

This is how no verification casinos work when registering

When you create an account with an online casino, the casino usually wants you to verify the account by clicking on an activation link that is sent to your mobile or your email. At casinos without verification, this is not needed, instead you only enter the most necessary information and an account is created immediately so that you can get started and play without extra measures.

Spinjo register verify
Example Spinjo casino: Sign up in 1 step – Just enter your personal info in the first step and click on signup and your account is ready!

Verification before a withdrawal

For withdrawals, however, it is a little different. For starters, an online casino cannot make payouts to customers unless they have verified their identity, but this only applies when the player:

Withdrawal verify
Verify before withdrawal example at Spinyoo!
  1. Request a large withdrawal amount
  2. Has made many small withdrawals
  3. Uses payment methods that are NOT cryptocurrencies

So in other words, at casinos that do NOT require a verification upon registration, you can also make withdrawals without an extra verification as long as the withdrawal is not greater than 1000 NZD. In cases where your withdrawal is larger, you must use cryptocurrencies to skip the verification.

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Top 5 casinos without extra verification on signup

Below, I have selected the top 5 best NZ casinos that do not require an additional verification upon registration.

  • Flush
    1500 NZD
    or $200 with lower wager!
    3500+ games
    Payout: Max 12h
    Best feature: Buy crypto on site!
    18+ | Wager req: 35x or 30x if you deposit less then $200 | Payout speed: Max 12 hours | Gamblingtherapy.org | Play responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply
  • ViperWin
    1000 NZD
    + 200 spins & 1 bonus crab
    7000+ games
    Payout: Up to 24h
    Best feature: Claw machine!
    18+ | Wager req: 35x bonus + deposit | Payout speed: Max 24 hours | Gamblingtherapy.org | Play responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply
  • BetGlobal
    600 NZD
    + 25 free spins
    5400+ games
    Payout: Instant to 72h
    Best feature: Accepts Bitcoins!
    18+ | Wager req: 30x | Payout speed: max 24 hours | Gamblingtherapy.org | Play responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply

Advantages and disadvantages with no verification casinos

  • Quick Access: You can start playing immediately without going through lengthy verification processes.
  • Privacy: Reduced need to share personal information, which can be appealing for privacy-conscious users.
  • Convenience: Simplified registration process makes it easier for players to create accounts and start playing.
  • Security Risks: Lack of verification can make these casinos more susceptible to fraud and other illegal activities.
  • Withdrawal Issues: Players may face challenges withdrawing large sums of money without verification.
  • Regulatory Concerns: These casinos may operate in legal grey areas, potentially putting players at risk if the casino faces legal issues.
  • Customer Protection: Reduced regulatory oversight can mean less protection for players in cases of disputes or unfair practices.

Hmm, it depends on which country you are in, but for the most part, casinos must be able to verify who their players are if they make deposits and withdrawals. The reason why some casinos do not do it directly with all players is precisely to make it easier for players to create an account. At a later stage, all casinos will ask you to verify yourself in order to withdraw money, so the question is really only when you are asked to give them this information. Players can, for example, play and make 20 withdrawals and on the 21st, the casino asks you for verification, other players can make two withdrawals and be asked to verify themselves. Ie it is different and completely random but in the end everyone has to verify.

Crypto is the only currency that players can use online without having to verify their account at all when withdrawing. This is because crypto is a new type of currency that countries have not yet had time to introduce into their laws and because it is at the same time very difficult to trace as there are no intermediaries such as a bank. So players who play at casinos that offer cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for withdrawals will not ask you for verification when withdrawing with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Here you will find New Zealand’s absolute best Bitcoin Casinos.


Which casinos do you never need to verify yourself with?

Casinos that offer games with cryptocurrencies, but only if you use cryptocurrencies yourself for deposits and withdrawals. With other methods, verification may be required when withdrawing larger sums.

Is it legal to offer withdrawals without verification?

With cryptocurrencies it is, because no one has created a law or a system for how to verify crypto owners.

Why is there a verification?

To guarantee a safe brand that does not engage in money laundering.