How to stop gambling online on your own

Do you have a gambling problem? Do you want help stopping your online gambling addiction? I have spent several days researching everything to do with gambling addiction and how to stop it on your own, and in this article I have collected all the most important things that can help you stop your addiction.

Stop Gambling addiction

Are you addicted to online gambling?

The very first step that anyone with an addiction must take is to recognize that they have an addiction. If you’ve already realized that, you can skip this step where I go through a few things that are common symptoms of a gambling addict. If you are not sure that you have a game problem, you should go through these and if you dot 3 or more, you should continue reading this article.

Common gambling addiction symptoms

  • Do you think about games often in your everyday life and plan future games?
  • Do you increase your bets regularly to get a bigger kick?
  • Have you wanted to stop playing but still continued to play?
  • Do you get restless and irritable when you try to stop playing?
  • Do you play to escape from your personal problems and emotions?
  • Are you chasing losses?
  • Hiding your gambling from friends and family?
  • Have you borrowed money from others to play?

That said, if your answer is yes to 3 or more questions above, you most likely have a gambling problem and should read on to understand how to stop your addiction before it’s too late.

Understand what an addiction really is

Addiction is when someone repeatedly engages in a behavior or uses a substance despite negative consequences. It’s driven by strong cravings, loss of control, and changes in the brain’s reward system, making it difficult to stop without professional help and support.

In other words, the brain is rewarded by this act, so it is important to understand that when you stop an addiction, the brain misses the “reward” and therefore you feel bad. It is said that the best way to end an addiction is therefore to replace it with another “good” reward! In other words, you need a new adventure that is good for you.

However, this is a very difficult task for a single individual to succeed in. Regardless of where I read about the subject, there is one thing that recurs everywhere and that is that you must seek professional help with your gambling addiction. So make sure that you start by contacting a support organization that can help with your gambling addiction.

I advise you of tools that can block your access from online gambling, but it is equally important that you get help because the addiction is also psychological.

#1. Contact the Problem Gambling Foundation

If you have a gambling addiction that you want to stop, you should start by contacting PGF. Here below, I have produced their contact details for gambling addiction so that you can choose what suits you best and contact them directly.

  • Problem Gambling Foundation: New Zealand’s own aid organization for gambling addiction.
  • Gambling helpline by phone (Free): 0800 654 655 
  • Email:

#2. Block access to all online casinos

As soon as you feel that the gambling has gone too far, you should log in to the casinos you are a customer of and turn yourself off. Next, you should block all online casino ads so that you are not attracted by new casinos and offers.

Below I have listed the absolute best tools online that you can use to block access to online casinos.

  • BetBlocker: Block yoursefl from 15293 gambling sites at once.
  • GamBan: Block access to gambling websites and apps worldwide
  • GamBlock: Block access to online gambling

#3. Practice self care and get rid of trigger cravings

It is important that you take care of yourself so that you feel good both physically and mentally. Start by creating routines for sleep so that you always get enough, to eat more healthily and to avoid substances that can affect your judgment. By doing this, you reduce the risk of falling into the gambling trap again. This teaches you how to reward your brain with good habits instead and quick gratification stops being alluring.

#4. Set daily limits on your bank transfers

Set daily transfer limits at your own bank. You can limit your own withdrawals via your bank by choosing the maximum amount you can transfer/trade for during a day or week. Set a limit that does not allow you to transfer money to casinos.

Some experts even suggest that you let someone else in your family manage your finances for a while until you feel like you’ve got your gambling addiction under control.

#5. Find a new adventure that is good for you

All psychologists agree that gambling addiction is a form of adventure for the brain and that you best end an addiction by replacing it with other good adventures. This means, in short, that you should find something else that is healthy for you that you are passionate about and want to do regularly. It can be anything from a sport to getting out and exploring new lands every week as long as it gives you a kick and is healthy for you it’s good.

Once you’ve found something that you really love to do on a regular basis that’s also good for you, just keep going until you’ve completely stopped thinking about gaming because you’re now more occupied with your new adventure.

Read more tips from other gambling addicts

You’re not alone! Many have had, have and will have gambling problems so it is nothing to be ashamed of. Below I have listed some well-known forums where many other gambling addicts share their own experience and where many contribute by giving useful answers and tips.