Nacho Loco

Nacho Loco is a strategy card game in which opponents try to outwit and outscore one another to emerge winners. 

The aim of the game is to gain points by disposing of your unique triangular tortilla cards while making it difficult for your opponents to do the same.

nacho loco cards

You can find out more about this game by reading this guide that simplifies it for you.

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Nacho Loco rules

The objective of the Nacho Loco card game is for a player to collect 20 points and win the game.

The game can be played by 2 to 6 players.

It consists of 94 cards which include 31 action cards, 62 colour cards and 1 closer card.

The cards are triangular and made up of 3 segments.

They are sometimes called tiles instead of cards since you place them side by side on the playfield.

The segments can be colours, have action words or have a black x.

  • Each player tries to match segments of a card to a similar segment of another card already played on the playfield. For instance, a brown triangle segment matches with another brown triangle on the playfield.
  • Each player must play at least a card when it is their turn unless they can’t play. They pick a card when they can’t match anything.
  • Black x segments cannot be matched unless it is by the closing card.

How to play Nacho Loco card game

The start of the game
The game begins by shuffling the cards and dealing them face-down to each player.
Each player gets 6 cards. The next card creates the playing field when laid face-up on the surface.
First move
The youngest player goes first then the game moves clockwise. Every player must play or pick a single card from the deck.
Every player must play or pick a single card from the deck.
The goal of the game
Playing means putting a card to match a segment of the playfield card.
The player who manages to play his last card wins the round and gets a point for each of the cards still in the other player’s hands.

Few hints

  • Matching of segments happens when the side of the card you play is the same as the closest side of the card on the playfield.
  • A player can take two turns if the matched action segments read “go again”.
  • You are also free to play again if everyone else has to draw cards that they still can’t play.
  • If you happen to draw a playable card you are free to play it immediately after picking it.
  • Another round begins and the game goes on until a player garners 20 points to win the game.

Optional rules

The playfield closing can happen, which means no player is able to continue with the game during the current round.

When closing happens, the last person to play deals out one card to each player clears the playfield and picks another card from the pile to start a new playfield.

However, the round still continues until there is a winner.

There are three causes of playfield closing.

  • Cut-throat closing happens when no player can match the card or cards on the playfield.
  • Everyone drawing closing means that each player draws cards consecutively without being able to play. The playfield only opens when someone can play.
  • The Closer played means that someone has played the closer card. This is the only card that can be matched to two black x segments at the same time.


What is the Nacho Loco card game?

Nacho Loco is a unique card game in which players match segments of cards with the cards already on the playfield. Each player tries to match all the cards on his hand to win around.

How is Nacho Loco different from regular card games?

The first difference betwen Nacho Loco and other easy card games is in the cards. Nacho Loco cards are triangular in shape and are sometimes called tiles. The second difference is that you don’t find regular symbols like queens or numbers. The game only has segments on cards.

Is Nacho Loco hard to play?

Not at all. This is one of the easiest games to learn. It is also very interesting to play as you try to outwit your opponents. This is an exciting game that you can enjoy with family or friends during your free time.