Instant bonus: Start the game’s bonus round right away!

Instant bonus is a relatively new invention that casino game creators have created to make their games more enjoyable. The function is that you as a player can buy yourself into the bonus game inside of a game instead of having to spin matching bonus symbols.

This is how instant bonus works

1. First open a game with the buy bonus function: Either you find a game that has a buy bonus function or the casino has a section with games where instant bonuses can be purchased.

Instant bonus section at Boomcasino for NZ

2. Buy bonus: Click on “Buy Bonus” and make sure you have money on your balance. The value of the bonus is deducted and you are sent to the bonus round of the game.

3. Play: Play your bonus rounds and collect the winnings!

How to find Instant bonus games

There are several ways to find these Instant Bonus games easily. One of them is to look at our buy bonus slots page where we rank the best Instant bonus games and where we also explain more about the subject.

Instant bonus in menu at Boom casino

The other way is to look for these games yourself at a casino. Many have their own section for these games called Instant bonus, buy bonus slots or similar.

Best Instant Bonus casino

Boom casino has put a lot of emphasis on its Instant Bonus games and created, in our opinion, New Zealand’s best section for buy bonus slots games.

Pros and Cons with Instant bonus

The advantages of this feature is that you don’t have to wait for the lucky bonus combination to get to the game’s bonus game.

This is also where the game can generate the biggest wins. The disadvantage, however, is that it costs a penny to enter the bonus round and if you want it really badly, you might have paid more than you win.

It is important to find good games with good bonus rounds that often give good payback and which also cost less than other instant bonus games.

Different prices

All instant bonus games have different prices. One game $6 and another double that ie $12. The difference is the bonus game in the game where the one that costs more usually pays out better.

Instant bonus $6
Instant bonus $6
Instant bonus $12
Instant bonus $12

Try to find your winning combination with either cheaper games or more expensive ones that usually pay out more than it cost.


Are Instant bonus games available at all online casinos?

Yes, all operators have instant bonus games. What differentiates them is that some have a larger collection and a section so that we can easily find all the games.


Is it worth the money?

Bonus rounds in a slots game pay out the best so it can be worth the money, but you can also be unlucky in the bonus game and win less than you have bet. It’s definitely worth trying your luck on a game’s bonus round.

Can bonus money be used?

No, you cannot play Instant bonus games with bonus money, but must play with real money that you have deposited yourself.

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