American roulette

American Roulette is an exciting casino game that is fun-filled with a wide variety of bets.

American roulette table
American roulette table

Here’s what you need to know in order to play.

Wheel set up

The wheel of American Roulette is made up of 37 segments, which are numbered from zero to 36 and made up of 18 red numbers, 18 black numbers, one zero, and one double zero both green.

How to play American roulette

The game is played using special chips known as colour chips to distinguish your bets and avoid confusion during paying out of winning bets.

The value of the chips is determined when buying in the table whereby the table minimum is displayed on each table clearly.

Players put their chips on a simple bet or combination of bets and the dealer spins the roulette wheel.

When the dealer calls out “no more bets”, it means betting has been cut off and there will be no altering of bets by players.

The dealer identifies and names the winning number once the ball has been dropped into one of the numbered pockets on the wheel.

The number is marked on the table with a dolly (marker). All the winning bets are paid out and losing bets get swept off the table.

Winning payout and odds

Inside bets

Straight-Up Bet: 
Placed directly on the number of any single number and including “0” and “00”. Its payout is 35 to 1. 
Split Bet:
Features two adjacent numbers placed on the line between them including “0” and “00”. The payout is 17 to 1. 
Street Bet: 
Contains all three numbers in a row and may include 0, 00, 2; 00, 2, 3; 0, 1, 2. It is placed at end of the row on line. The payout is 11 to 1.
Corner Bet:
Contains a group of four numbers placed at the corner and where the four numbers touch. The payout is 8 to 1. 
Five Bet:
Features 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. Is placed at the corner by 0 and 1. The payout is 6 to 1. 
Line Bet: 
Features 2 rows of three numbers placed on the border between the end of two rows and the payout is 5 to 1.

Outside bets

Column Bet:
Contains an entire column and it is placed at the end of a column on the ”2-1”. The payout is 2 to 1. 
Dozen Bet: 
Contains a group of 12 numbers whereby it can be placed on the 1st 1to12” box, the 2nd 13 to 24 box, or the 3rd 25 to 36 boxes. Its payout is 2 to 1. 
Bet on Colour:
This contains all of the red or black numbers on the layout. It is placed on either the “Red” box (all red numbers) or the “Black” box (all black numbers). The payout is 1 to 1.
Bet on Odd/Even:
Contains all even or odd numbers on the layout. It is placed on the “Even” or the “Odd” box. The payout is 1 to 1. 
Bet on Low/High:
Contains all low or high numbers whereby it is placed on the “Low” box i.e. numbers 1 to 18 or the “High” box i.e. numbers 19 to 36. The payout is 1 to 1.

Detailed Roulette odds chart

Play American roulette online

Do you love playing online roulette? If yes, then you have to know how to play.

In order to win huge in online roulette, one needs to have a winning strategy up their sleeve, and before playing, do all the research as this helps in making a winning strategy and making a huge profit.

One can also practice by playing American roulette in the free demo in rng and live play.

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American vs European roulette

The main difference between the American and European roulette is the wheel i.e., the number of zeroes/green pockets.

American VS European roulette
American VS European roulette

European roulette has one green pocket (0) while American roulette has two of them 0, 00.

American roulette enjoys great popularity in casinos in the United States.

It also tends to be more popular in casinos in Asia and the United Kingdom but is pretty much avoided by players in Europe as they primarily focus on European roulette.


How many numbers are on an American roulette wheel?

It is made up of 37 sections, which are numbered from zero to 36 and made up of 18 red numbers, 18 black numbers, one zero, and one double zero both green.

How to win American roulette?

One of the best ways to win more games on roulette or minimize the risk of losing on the roulette wheel one has to focus on the outside bets. Even though these roulette bets don’t lead to mind-blowing wins if you keep your bets on the even/odd, black/red, and high/low it will give you the highest chances of scoring a win.

What is the difference between American and European Roulette?

The European Roulette wheel has 37 numbers, from 0 to 36 while the American roulette wheel has 38 numbers as it also includes a double zero.

In European roulette, a croupier spins a wheel containing 37 pockets and each one has a number from 0 to 36. American Roulette wheel is more or less identical to the European Roulette, but it contains an extra pocket which is the double zero.

Even though most online casinos have both American and European roulette variations of live roulette, it is best to build up a solid understanding of both.