5 card poker

The finest of poker variations, five card poker is a classic card game.

One can play the game with or without the stake. In the case of the latter, a points system gets applied instead.

5 card poker
5 card poker

With straightforward rules, it is a fun game to play with friends and a deck of cards. Also played as point poker, it’s about collecting points and winning the last trick.

How to play 5 card poker?

The game begins with each player getting five cards, hence the name. If a player is not satisfied with his cards, he can get a substitution.

And more substitutions are possible with four or fewer players. A game round starts as the player next to the dealer of the cards places a card.

(Dealers also take turns with each new round in a clockwise order.)

The next players then place a card each in the same suit and of a higher value.

If players don’t have the same suit, they can place any card of their choice. But only those who place the same suit’s highest card wins the trick.

He also gets to place the card for the subsequent trick and decides which suit it will be. And so it goes on until the last trick.

The last trick decides the winner. And the winner is the one who wins this latest trick. He wins the round and scores points, or he gets the pot.

Rules of the game:

Simple and easy to follow, the rules have been listed below.

  • Each player must have five cards for a round.
  • You can only look at your cards.
  • In case of substitutions, a player can exchange up to the entire hand
  • One doesn’t have to make an exchange if one is satisfied with their hand
  • A player must follow suit (colour) if he can
  • One must place a higher card of that suit if one can
  • If a player is running out of colour, he may place a card to his liking
  • The highest card of the colour wins the trick
  • He who wins the trick decides the next colour by placing the first card
  • The dealing of the cards has to take turns in a clockwise manner, starting with the player seated next to the original dealer
  • The player who wins the last trick wins the round
  • He also gets points or takes the pot
  • In points poker, the player with the best hand (set of 5 cards) also makes points.

Card values

The value of the cards is easy to keep track of. In this type of poker, the nominal value and the real value of a card are the same.

This means a two is worth 2; a seven is worth 7, etc. Ace, king, queen, and jack remain unaffected in their values.


There are a couple of slightly different betting strategies in five card poker.

  1. Bet on as high cards as you can. This improves the probability of a win.
  2. Bet on as high cards of the same suit as you can. This makes it likely the other players will run out of cards of the same suit. You may be the only one left with the suit in hand. And this may even give you an edge for the subsequent trick(s). For example, if you have both ace and king in the same colour, you can increase your probability of a win in this manner.

Bets (or stakes) are optional in this type of poker. If, however, opted, the player who wins the last trick wins the pot on the table.


Stakes and points are the two ways to decide the winning. With stakes, finding out the winner is simple. The one who takes home the last trick wins.

When playing points poker instead, the winner of the last trick gets points in place of the pot. And as a matter of rule, he gets 2 points for winning.

He may also get points if he has had the best hand for the round.

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How can I win in 5-card poker?

It’s straightforward. Just aim at winning the fifth and final trick of the round.

And you’ll win the pot. Alternatively, you’ll get points.

And you can get more points if you have the best hand.

How many players are allowed to play 5 card poker?

The game is best played with 3 to 4 players.

However, if you are willing to forego substitutions, you may have up to 10 players at the table.

What is the difference between five-card poker and point poker?

The two are practically the same. Or rather, they’re different ways of playing the same game.

One difference is that there are additional points for the player with the best hand-in-point poker.