Klondike is a popular version of Solitaire played with a 52-card deck and only requires one player.

Klondike game screenshot.

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The aim is to uncover the four aces that will help you build up piles of four suits from the lowest card (Ace) to the highest card (King).


Deal out 28 cards into seven piles in a tableau format, which requires that the first pile (arranged from left to right) include one card, the second pile with two cards, and so on, such that the last pile has seven cards. 

The top card of each pile is face up and the rest facedown. You can leave a slight portion of the top of each card exposed to help you know how many cards are still in the pile. After creating the tableau, the rest of the cards form your stock, and you can use them to keep in your hand or place on the table by the tableau.


You are required to build on the foundation cards, which should always start with an Ace. This means that you have to uncover all four aces and place them in the foundation before you begin building.

The cards of the tableau should be built in a descending sequence with alternating colors. For example, 5can be played on either 6 or 6.

Whenever you move a card from one pile of the tableau to another, turn the facedown card face up. This card will be available to be played or played upon.

If a column in the tableau is emptied, any king or a king with other cards on top of it can be moved to fill the space.


Turn cards from the stockpile one at a time. This card can either be used on the tableau or the foundation pile.  If it does not fit either of this option, add it to a discard pile, face-up.  You can use the top card on the discard pile at any time.

Note: You are only allowed to go through the discard pile once.

On the tableau, you can only place the top card of each pile on either of the four foundations.  You can also move cards from one tableau pile to another, but all cards below the card will move with it.

For example, if you want to move an 8 to another pile with a 9, but the 8 has 7 and 6 below it, you will have to move all three cards to the 8.

The end

The game ends when you transfer all the cards to the four foundation piles, in which case you win. Or if you go through the entire stock and have no more plays, in which case you will have lost.

Strategies for winning

  • Always move an Ace to the foundation whenever it is possible
  • Avoid unnecessary moves. The best move is that which creates other moves or provides a chance to reveal hidden cards
  • Do not empty a tableau pile if you don’t have a king to put it in.

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How many cards are used?

52 cards (1 deck)

How many players can play?

This card game is played by 1 player.

How do i win?

By transfering all of your cards to the four foundations piles.