Why do casinos always win?

When it comes to gambling; nothing is left to a chance. 

Maybe this is why there is a popular phrase – the casinos always win!

Why casinos always win!
No matter if you win or lose, the casino at the end always win (in the long run).

Let’s make it clear, most players view casinos as entertainment venues that give us a chance to win huge amounts by investing a small amount.

But we need to look at it from a different perspective.

Any casino, no matter it was land-based or online, is a business and not a charity organization that gives free money to poor people.

So like any other business, it is developed with a business plan or a model with the main focus to ensure profit. 

So no matter what you think, in the end, casinos will always be the winners.

In the following article, we will describe to you a few interesting advantages that keep casinos always winning.

1. House edge

Casinos have so many developed tricks to keep customers playing longer, to make customers feel comfortable even when they lose so in the end casino will win and not the customer.  

But the biggest advantage when it comes to why casinos always win is the so-called House Edge.

infographic about win percentage at the casino

The mentioned casino advantage describes the average gross profit casino expects to earn from each and every game.

Mathematically can be calculated that the longer you stay in a casino and play, the odds will become higher and your play will match with the house edge, so in the end, you will lose money.

House edge can not be avoided, but house edge percentage at casino games it is not the same.

The best thing you can do is select the games with lower house edges like blackjack.

Also, you should avoid games with high house edge su as Keno. 

So there is no difference in what casino game you decide to play, the odds for a casino taking players money are always higher than the odds of a player beating the casino

How casinos win on the roulette due to house edge

The best example would be, a game of roulette.

When we look at the roulette wheel numbers from 1 to 36 our first thought is that chances for a win are 36 :1.

However, most players forgot about the zero, and if you choose to play American roulette there are two zeros.

So the actual winnings odds at the roulette are from 1 to 37, or 1 to 38. 

The house edge represents the average profit that casinos expect to get from each game.

When it comes to the game with a low house edge, casinos can generate from 0.5% to 2%.

On the other side, there are some games where casinos due to the house edge can make a profit from 15% to 40%. 


The American roulette wheel contains a zero, and a double zero field which results in its house edge being 5.26%.
house edge at roulette variations

The profit

So we have calculated that, for every one million dollars that players leave at the American roulette tables in the casino, the financial team expects to earn a profit of around $50 000.

The other $950,000 is returned to the players.

Let’s be clear that casinos after all are not some thugs that want to steal your money or make you bankrupt.

The casino isn’t striving to bankrupt players in one sitting.

Casinos just want to make sure that the players step out with a little bit less cash than they came in with, in the long run, leaving money in the casino’s sack.

2. Casino envoirment

The longer player stays in the casino, the higher odds are that house edge will bring profit to a casino.

In the short term, the player can take advantage, but in the long run, the house will grind you into losses.

Casinos do know that, and that is why they make tricks to keep their customers longer as they can inside of the casino.

Take for example that there are no windows or clocks in the casinos, they are made so that players have no idea about the weather while they are inside.

roger thomas casino designer


Also If you are in a casino for the first time, you can get a welcome drink.

We are witnessing that many casinos have special sections such as restaurants where you can eat, bars where you can have a drink, sleeping rooms, and many amenities within the casino complex, etc.


Every part of the casino has been carefully and systematically done to affect the psyche of the players, and even the colours you see on the tables.

Each colour affects human thinking differently, so you can see a lot of green, blue and red colours in the casino.

Why do players lose more than expected

Most players who know about the house edge, just ignore it and do not calculate implications to their budget. But that’s okay only if you play responsibly and only if spend the budget you have planned to spend.

A bit to make it clear we have shown you the house edge in action: 

  • The player sitting at the roulette table with a 5% house edge
  • Players budget is $100 with a $5 bet per spin

Most players will think according to a house edge of 5% that in a few hours of play will lose only $5. 

But a player who thinks in this way has failed because house edge does not apply to a starting bankroll.

The house edge applies to the total amount of bets. 

If we look like this:

  • Player place $5 per spin
  • The roulette wheel spins 50x per hour. 

Taking into account some losses and wins during the game, a player will wager exactly 250$ per hour. 

So if the house edge is set perfectly, by the end of the 4 hours of the game, players will bet a total of 1000$.

So the 5% of $1000 is $50, which mean the player will lose 10 times more than planned. (remember initial $5).


Why do players gamble if the casino always wins?

Players visit casinos and gamble mostly for fun and a possibility of winning some cash.

Most gamblers are aware of the risk before sitting at the table, but in most cases they are not aware of how big is that house advantage.

Gambling houses are crafty, and of course, it is possible to win huge amounts.

However, casinos do know that after you win, either you will return to spend more of that winnings, or you are going to tell all your friends about the casino where you hit the big money.

So eventually in the long run, casinos will win, but will also give players a chance.

What casino game shave the highest house edge?

A casino game with the lowest house edge is definitely a blackjack with the house edge of 0.5 when you play with basic strategy charts to 2% if you are a total beginner.

The next game with the lowest house edge is a baccarat game with a house edge of 1.20 to 1.50% depending on players skill and knowledge. Casino games with the highest house edge are Sic Bo and online pokies.

But we are not saying you to avoid these games, house edge works in the long run and even with so high advantage casinos have, there is still the possibility to win.

See below the house edge percentages for popular casino games:

games with the lowest house edge

Is there a percentage of players who win at the casino?

There are so many casinos in the world, and it is generally known that these businesses are very profitable for cat owners.

Currently the only known finding according to studies by The Wall Street Journal from 2013 that came into the possession of a private casino database, it revealed that only 13.5% of customers left the casino as winners that year.

On their “How often do gamblers really win?” article learn more.