What casino games have the worst odds?

Not all casino games are created equal! Some have worse odds than others, and there are some games you might want to avoid altogether.

House edge
House edge

Here’s what you need to know about the casino games with the worst odds and how to play them better if you want to try your luck:

1. Keno (House edge up to 25%)

The game has a house edge of up to 15%. The RTP is 85%, which is pretty bad by casino standards. It’s worse than any other game you can play in a land-based or online casino.

Keno is much like roulette. It involves random numbers and luck rather than skill. Therefore, there’s no way to beat the odds at Keno, Roulette (or any other game with a house edge).

At least in roulette, you are playing against just one person—the dealer—rather than dozens of people. That makes this game fairer for players. Also,

it gives them hope if they want to win big without risking too much money on each wager. As long as they stick to a basic strategy.

2. American Roulette (House edge up to 8%)

American Roulette is the game with the worst odds of all casino games. The house edge is 8%, played with a single zero wheel.

American Roulette has such high odds for the player because there are five different numbers on which you can bet. Moreover, only one of them results in winning money.

In addition, if you bet on just one number, then your chances of winning are even lower. This is because there’s a higher chance that number will get landed on by someone else than being your spin. This means that when playing American Roulette, you must make many bets at once.

This is to increase your chances of winning something substantial.

Rather than placing all your chips on one number. This will ultimately lead to losing more money overall due to poor luck.

3. Sic Bo (House edge up to 7.87%)

The Chinese game of Sic Bo is also known as “Three Dice.” The game uses three dice, and it’s played by placing bets on the sum of the dice.

The house edge for this game is 7.87%. That means that for every $100 you bet, you can expect to lose $7.87 in each 100 rounds of play. This is a bit higher than many games with an average house edge.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth playing. Some players choose to play Sic Bo because it offers great odds when there are high-rolling gamblers at the table or if they feel lucky.

The best thing about Sic Bo is its ability to be played both ways – with skill or luck. Therefore, even those who aren’t particularly good at math or guessing correctly will still have a chance at winning big.

4. Craps (House edge up to 10%)

Craps is a game that’s traditionally played in casinos and on cruise ships, and it’s the one with the worst odds.

The house edge at Craps is an astounding 10%. This means that for every $100 wagered by players, casinos take away $10 in profit every hour. Moreover, they do it over and over again throughout each day until closing time.

The RTP (Return To Player) for Craps is about 90% even though it might seem like a low number compared with other games’ RTPs.

That’s because this game tends to have long streaks where nothing happens. This is followed by short periods of activity where players win big money.

5. Progressive slot machines (House edge up to 17%)

Progressive jackpot slots attract the vast majority of us because of the really high winnings they can generate.

However, few have knowledge that these particular slots games have significantly lower RTP than regular slots.

These games always have the house 12% to 17% advantage.

New jackpot slots

  • Mega Moolah
    Max win 11250x
    Max bet $6.25
    Min bet $0.25
  • Star Guardians
    Max win € 377,175
    Max bet 75
    Min bet 0.1
  • Sleighin’it
    Max win 568X
    Max bet 30
    Min bet 0.30


We’ve covered some of the worst casino games in terms of odds, and it’s worth noting that different casinos will have slightly different odds on the same game.

However, these games pack the worst odds. It is important to remember that these odds vary from one casino to another.

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