Tips to play Roulette like a pro

Roulette is the most played table game at web-based casinos worldwide. In a roulette game, there are two sections of the table, which are the wheel and roulette layout.

Roulette dealer

The tables also come in two different designs. One has a single betting layout with the wheel at one end, while the other features two betting layouts with the wheel in the middle.

Being a casino player, you don’t need to win every bet. However, you can increase the chance of winning by using a successful game strategy.

1. European VS American variant

The European and American are the most popular variants in online casinos worldwide. There are 38 pockets on the American wheel ranging from 1 to 36 having black and red numbers.

American vs european roulette

In addition, there are two extra green pockets for a single (0) and a double (00).

However, in the European variant, there are 36 pockets which are either red or black. In addition, there is only one green pocket for (0).

The best choice for playing the roulette game is the European variant because the odds of winning are better than the American variant.

Additionally, the percentage of the house edge of the European variant is less, which makes the winning chances of players higher.

There are 36 digits plus a green (0) on the wheel in European roulette, which gives the house an edge.

You can place a bet on any one of the 37, but you will only win at 35 to 1 rather than 36 to 1 odds.

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2. Understand how the roulette wheel works

The roulette wheel determines the results of the game. The wheel is placed on the table and a ball moves around the table in the wheel.

Later, the ball spins and lands in one of the roulette table game’s pockets.

Roulette wheel

The main components of a roulette wheel include Turret, Ball track, Spindle, Tiles, and Ball.

The roulette wheel contains numbers ranging from 0 to 36 which are in black or red colour.

At the roulette point, the red odd and black even numbers fall between 1 and 10 and 19 and 28 respectively. Even numbers are red and odd numerals are black in the ranges of 11 to 18 and 29 to 36, respectively.

Prior to the dealer spinning the ball, players must choose the number on the table where the ball will land on.

They can bet on various groupings, colours, pairs of odds, or single numbers. You win the game if the ball lands on your selected number.

Everything you need to know about the roulette wheel

3. Best bets to make

The roulette table game has two bets which are outside and inside bets. Inside bets feature high rewards with lower chances of success.

Conversely, outside bets feature low rewards with a high chance of success. Here are the best bets:

Column Bets
This is the safe bet option while playing the roulette game. Moreover, this bet provides a 2:1 payoff to the players.

There are twelve numbers in a column, and you are effectively placing a bet on all of the twelve numbers at once.
Black + Third Column or Red + Second Column
This bet is best for the players who want to earn a sizeable profit on their bet amount. In the roulette table, the second column contains 8 black and 4 red, whereas the third column contains 8 reds and 4 blacks. If you double on the black and chose the third column, you may win a sizeable sum.
Split bets
On the roulette wheel, a Split wager covers two adjacent numbers. Neighbouring numbers can be either vertically or horizontally arranged.

The chip(s) is put between the two numbers to place a split. When you make a Split, you can benefit from a payout of 17:1.
Straight up bet
This is the riskiest bet that players can place in a roulette table game. You can only bet on a single number in the betting.

However, with a 35:1 payout, you can win a great payout on taking such a risk.

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4. Numbers that the ball most often ends up on

Players need to select numbers carefully in the roulette table game.

They must choose the numbers that is appearing frequently during a selected time.

This does not mean that the same number will repeat in your case as well. However, there are the following most common numbers in the roulette game:

  • The winning percentage of numbers from 19 to 36 and 1 to 18 is 46.37%.
  • Black, red, even and odd have a 46.37 winning percentage.
  • Numbers from 1 to 12 and 13 to 24 have less percentage i.e., 31.58%.

Betting on the above-listed numbers will give you a better chance of winnings.

Most drawn numbers in roulette!

5. Strategies

There are different strategies for playing the roulette table game, so the strategy you choose completely depends on the playing style of the players.

Most players choose two strategies i.e., aggressive strategy and non-aggressive strategy having a high payout on a high bet and a low payout on less bet amount respectively.

The Martingale Strategy
This is a well-known roulette strategy. In the strategy, you increase the amount of bet each time on losing the previous bet. It results in that if you win, you will get back a big amount that will reduce your stake. For example, if you lose €1, bet €2 on the next bet.

Martingale strategy
The Fibonacci
This is less risky than Martingale Strategy. Before getting the following number, you must add the first two using the Fibonacci method. Your sequence restarts each time you win; if you lose, you keep using the same tactic until further notice. For example, every bet amount is the result of adding the two preceding bet amounts together, with 0+1=1, 1+1=2, 2+2=3, 2+3=5, etc.

Fibbonaci strategy
Big number
The big number roulette strategy involves constantly looking at the last 20 numbers drawn. Here, over time, you should be able to see that some now appear more often than others. By choosing these so-called Big numbers, you increase the chances of winning.

Big number strategy
In contrast to Martingale Strategy, in this strategy players decrease the amount of bet on each win. Moreover, players do not increase the bet amount after the loss of the game. If your initial stake was €10, for instance, and you win, you would decrease it to $5.

D`Alembert strategy


Roulette is a highly enjoyable game and simpler than other casino games, but players should be aware of selecting tips and strategies for the game.

Players should bear in mind that only European variants of the game should be chosen for higher payouts and the probability of winning.

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