Flat Betting System

If you are looking for a betting strategy that has been around for a while and widely accepted, then try Flat betting strategy.

This strategy is used by millions of gamblers all over the world. Are you wondering why most gamblers love this strategy?

Flat betting vs Martingale

We will try as much as possible to do justice to this topic. You will learn about the basic rules of this system, the advantages, disadvantages, how effective it is, and much more.

Do you know that the other name for the Flat betting strategy is called “fixed stake amount?”

Before we go further, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this strategy.


  1. You profit will likely increase in the long run
  2. The player is in charge the amount they bet and how they want a stake
  3. It protects you from losing huge sums
  4. It doesn’t encourage gamblers to run after their loses
  5. You can manage your bankroll better with this method
  6. Flat betting is one of the safest strategies


  1. It seems like a boring strategy
  2. No matter how safe it looks, a gambler is not guaranteed winnings always!

How does the Flat betting system work?

If you are passionate about roulette players, they may have heard about this betting strategy. If you haven’t, then here is the chance to know more about the Flat betting strategy.

It is not as difficult as some online blogs describe it. Frankly, this system is very simple and easy.

One of the features of Flat strategy is to keep repeating the amount for a long time. Another factor you must take into consideration is to determine what your base bet will be.

You can start with the lowest payline when playing casino on the internet. Experts have advised you to stake 2 or 5 percent of your entire bankroll as your base bet.

Below we can see the difference between flat system and martingale.

Let’s a look at the Flat betting rules

Rule One

Keep staking a particular amount till the end of the game or cycle.

You are likely to change the amount you stake for bet notwithstanding the outcome.

For instance, assuming your base bet is $10, if you are playing roulette, you have to stake $10 for the next 35 spins.

Rule Two

The amount you bet shouldn’t change notwithstanding the match outcome if you are losing or making a profit, stick with the base bet.

For instance, if your base bet is $10 and you win or lose the second bet, don’t increase or reduce your bet.

Notwithstanding that some gambling experts are introducing various types of Flat betting strategy, the only one that suits this system is the static flat bet.

Other types were put together for academic purposes.

Does the Flat betting system work?

Some betting experts have likened the Flat betting strategy as static. It seems like a betting strategy where you don’t appear to be losing anything and also actually not winning too.

Is this a fact about this strategy? No, it’s not. It will only seem so if the margins of your winning are almost equal to your losses. Apart from that, you can lose a lot and also win more.

It has been chorused over and over by betting experts that no betting strategy provides a solution to a gambler’s desire to always win. Interestingly, flat betting also does not assure you a win.

Nevertheless, giving this strategy a try should not depend on the sole aim of winning, gambling can also be played for fun. Check out demo versions of some online casinos. You don’t need real money to play.

History of the Flat Betting System

This is one of the delusions of gambling history. The origin of the Flat betting strategy cannot be credited to any particular person. This strategy is as old gambling itself. Most people have linked gambling to the history of humanity.

In ancient China, the history of gambling is traced to 200 BC. Another country with an ancient history of gambling is Egypt. During these times the commonest strategy was Flat bets.

People playing cards using Flat betting system.

Final words

Flat betting is used while playing all kinds of games including table games, roulette games, blackjack, and even sports betting.

As already stated, this system is good for beginners because it is easier to turn around profit and the odds of losing are lower. Apart from this, you will not be induced into betting more than you will be comfortable with.  

It is better to stick with this system because you have much to lose. You may not win all the time but it will end up as a fun experience. The house edge is predominant no matter how good this strategy is.


Is the flat betting strategy a progression betting system?

This strategy can be best described as a static system. The amount staked doesn’t change notwithstanding the outcome of the bet. A progression system either increases the amount staked or reduces the same depending on the outcome of the bet. Examples of progression bet are Pivot Betting System, Fibonacci strategy, the Labouchere, etc. For example, the Fibonacci strategy recommends players to increase their bet when they lose.

Is the Flat betting strategy safe?

Yes, it is to some extent. However, this doesn’t imply that you won’t lose any bet. The safety is given in the management of your bankroll. This type of strategy doesn’t impose chasing losses.

What percentage of my bankroll should I stake as base bet while I am using the Flat betting strategy?

Most often a player bet is determined by the payline of the casino. For instance, some casino paylines are high while others are low. Some can start from as low as $1 while others can start from $10. Experts have recommended between 2 to 5 percent of a player’s bankroll as a base bet. If the budget is $100, your base bet will either be $2.5 or $5. The lower the base, your chance playing for a longer time is foreseeable.


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