Slingo games

Are you interested in playing new Slingo casino games? Want to learn the rules and find some best Slingo sites in New Zealand? Well, look for no more!

Here we have compiled the list of the best Slingo sites for New Zealand players together with this ultimate Slingo casino games guide with all info needed to become a master in these games.

Here you can learn the rules of the game, how they work and many more interesting and useful things.

What is Slingo?

Slingo is a United Kingdom-based online slot casino offering integration of slot and online bingo games.

The online casino has a design that gives gamers a unique experience.

Gamers can play alone or else join the multi-player games.

The Slingo world offers maximum excitement to players through enormous prizes and bonus features.

The idea to come up with Slingo came from New Jersey businessmen Sal Falciglia and Dave Lyons in 1994. They formed Slingo Inc. based on the Slingo theme.

It later became popular among gamers. Real Networks acquired Slingo in 2013 before selling it to Gaming Realm in 2015.

Slingo involves 75-ball bingo. The game begins with a five-by-five grid that corresponds to those displayed in the reels.


Slingo casino games

The following are some popular Slingo casino games:

  • Slingo Riches – Slingo Riches is common among players as it is one of the games developed first for online Slingo. Players can win good prizes by completing lines. Also, gamers can land the Jokers Bonus.
  • Slingo Monopoly – Gamers navigate across the grid looking for chance and chest cards. As you play, you risk landing in jail. Slingo Monopoly allows gamers to choose their ideal volatility level.
  • Slingo Rainbow Riches – The Slingo Rainbow Riches has numerous bonus features. You can trigger the bonus feature is by completing five Slingos or more.
  • Slingo XXtreme – Slingo XXtreme has great visual effects accompanied by dramatic gameplay. Gamers can earn 1000x the bet they make. Players start with 11 spins, and coin symbols award them instant prizes. Players can get a Joker Bonus when three or more Jokers land at once.

Slingo app games

With the technological advancements, Slingo games are now available on casino mobile apps. The apps are downloadable and compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Slingo app games are downloadable from Google Play, Apple Store, and Amazon App Store. Some are also available on Facebook apps.

Slingo app games
Screnshoot of Slingo games at App Store

The following are the Slingo Games available on apps:

  1. Slingo Arcade — It has exciting arcade gameplay. There is also a progressive jackpot, mega win jackpot, and bonus wheel spins for players
  2. Slingo Adventure — Slingo Adventures is a combination of Bingo, puzzles, and pokies that gives classic gameplay. The mission in the gameplay is to recover the stolen sceptre of King Diamond and rescue the Queen from the Devil.
  3. Hidden Artefact — The game allows players to join detectives, Rhianna and Alex, from Hidden Artefact Agency in solving cases characterized by intrigues. Players travel to Rome and London with a mission of collecting clues to uncover ancient artifacts. During the gameplay, you will encounter mind teaser mysteries, which are full of fun.
  4. Slingo Showcase — Slingo Showcase combines Bingo and card slot to give players maximum fun. Players collect everything, including kittens and cupcakes, during the gameplay.
  5. Slingo Blast — Slingo Blast is a multiplayer online game allowing you to face your friends as opponents. Every time you beat your opponents, you move up the ranks.

All these Slingo app games are compatible with devices using iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Android.

Slingo Bingo

Slingo Bingo is an online game that integrates elements from the traditional online bingo with an online slot giving players an opportunity to play the game in a new environment.

featured image for slingo Bingo game
Slingo bingo

The Slingo Bingo has unique symbols, including Joker, Super Joker, Free Spin, Coin, and Devil. Players can even play Free Slingo Bingo games on reccomended online casinos in our list. You can try them for free in demo mode before you regsiter and make your first deposit.

Slingo cascade — How does it work?

Slingo Cascade is a Slingo game with cascading slot and a five-by-five grid. Upon completion of a Slingo, the 5-squares grid explodes.

When a reel number matches the grid, the reel number explodes and a new number spins in for a possible match.

The Slingo Cascade has its uniqueness, in that, it has an added dimension brought by the cascading lines and the extra spin.

Slingo cascade – The volatility and RTP percentage

Slingo Cascade has medium volatility and a 95% Return To Player (RTP).

Top Slingo casino sites

Playing Slingo cascade

The Slingo Cascade slot offers you nine spins to try your luck in matching the numbers on the grid and the reels.

When the numbers match, you have an opportunity to respin with the objective of getting more matches.

Complete Slingos explodes, and new barrels fall to replace them.

As the devils play the role of blocking in the game, the cherubs mark off cells.

The free spins become available at the end of the game. The games end when you press “collect”.

The spin button displays the price of the next spin.

When you get the extra spins, the free spin symbols get removed from the reels.

The cherubs select barrels enabling you to move nearer to the completion of the Slingos in the current grid configuration.

What’s typical for Slingo adventure games?

Players have an opportunity to select the stake they wish.

The wins are dependent on the stake players offer and are in multiples of the bet.

The minimum win is the value of your bet while the maximum bet is 100 times your stake.

Slingo adventure games are accessible through all android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows devices, both on mobile and desktop views.

Other Slingo games

Other Slingo games include Blackjack Xchange, Baking Bonanza, Slingo Reveal, WheelyWheely, and Tutan’s Treasure.


Why is Slingo becoming popular?

The success of Slingo is attributed to the user-friendly gameplay. The simplicity of the games accompanied by incredible prizes may also be behind the popularity of Slingo.

Do bonus rounds exist in Slingo?

All Slingo games have bonus rounds, mostly in form of free spins. Whenever you land a free spin symbol, you are entitled to an extra spin at the end of your standard spins.

Where can a player deposit from?

Slingo Casino accepts PayPal for both deposits and withdrawals. Slingo casino also accepts other forms of payments, including debit and credit cards and cryptocurrencies.

How many Slingo games are there?

There are 19 types of Slingo games, including Slingo Riches and Deal or No Deal Slingo. The different games have different themes though they all have an easy-to-play format.