SkyCity Auckland Baccarat Tournaments to hold this January 2020

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The tournament has commenced from yesterday the 8th day to the 29th day of January 2020 in the SkyCity Auckland casino. The grand prize for the tournament is $40,000 in Bonus Play Chips. This price is exclusive to Premier Reward members only.

The sum of $10,000 worth of Bonus Play Chips will be won every day at the Baccarat Tournament. The tournament will hold in the Baccarat room at the SkyCity Auckland.

A draw will be held every day at 7.15 pm and 8.15 pm. Eighteen (18) winners are expected to emerge and take place in a tournament Satellite Event that will be held immediately are the draw. At the end of each Satellite Event, the top 4 contestants will participate in the final. The final will be held at 9.45 pm on the same day. All the contestants that emerged at the finals will compete for the following prizes;

  • First position – $3,000 in Bonus Play Chips
  • Second position – $2,000 in Bonus Play Chips
  • Third and fourth position – $1,000 in Bonus Play Chips
  • Fifth and eight-position – $750 in Bonus Play Chips

To win a seat at the tournament, you want to participate in the draws. You need to get 25 Premier Points or more in the Table Games in the Baccarat Room at SkyCity Auckland from 7 am to the day of the tournament.

Also, to be qualified to win prizes, players must earn 1 Premier Point or more while playing Baccarat at SkyCity Auckland within the hour the relevant prize draw will hold. You must also be at the venue of the draw to win.

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The terms and conditions of the SkyCity Auckland Baccarat tournament are as follows;

  1. To win a seat at the SkyCity Auckland Baccarat Tournament promotion will start from 7.00 am to 9.15 pm every Wednesday from the 8th day to the 29th day of January 2020.
  2. All SkyCity Premier Reward Cardholders can also participate in the promotion. Nonetheless, Cardholders who have been disqualified from entering SkyCity, commission players and so on who don’t have a Premier Points at SkyCity will not be eligible to compete. Those who are also not eligible to compete are employees of SkyCity, advertising agencies and other related companies.
  3. A draw will take place at the Baccarat room, SkyCity Auckland each day assigned for a draw. The time for the draw is 7.15 pm and 8.15 pm.
  4. Every Cardholder is expected to earn only one entry on the day of the draw.
  5. 16 winners will emerge when the entries are drawn at each Satellite Prize draw. If you emerge a winner at the 7.15 pm draw, you will win a seat at the 7.45 pm Satellite event. While a winner at 8.15 pm will win a seat at the 8.45 pm Satellite Event for the tournament.
  6. Cardholders must do the following to be eligible to win a prize draw on the Draw day;
  7. Be present at the venue of the draw
  8. Earn one Premier Point to confirm their entry into the draw
  9. Show their Premier Reward cards numbers to the SkyCity host.
  10. Any decision taken by SkyCity is final and cannot be challenged.
  11. SkyCity has the right to change the time for the draws, delay the promotion or commence same at a suitable time
  12. Skycity or any other person that participated in the draws will not be held liable for any loss or injury incurred while participating in the tournament.
  13. Accepting the prize means automatically accepting to participate in any form of advert or publicity.
  14. Any failure to abide by the terms and conditions may result in disqualification from the tournament.

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