Pay by Phone

Payment made through mobile phones has become a popular mode of online bill methods at casinos, as its main advantages include the transactions to be completed in minimum time with the few clicks through your mobile phone devices.

Such a trend is indeed inevitable because of the technical advancements, as such progress brings lots of benefits for the online users.

Therefore, casino users in New Zealand are not left behind in making the good use of technology.

To facilitate the online New Zealand players about using the pay by phone bill method, in this review we will present the benefits and drawbacks of this method, and also present an overview for the bill methods that are popular and secure. So, stay with us to know more about it.

Top pay by phone casinos in NZ

Advantages of pay by phone casinos

It is evident from the former discussion that bills deposited phones are much convenient and advantageous. Below we have enlisted the benefits of online bill methods through phones:

  • Fast and steady bills are deposited: Pay by phone method is simple and fast as compared to any other method because when you deposit your money through mobile phones, you do not have to pass through multiple processes. Rather, your online payment is confirmed within a few moments. 
  • No extra bills are charged: Enjoy your easy transactions as bills pay through mobile phones do not charge the players for their deposits. It means that the deposits made through this method are totally free and financially beneficial.
  • Fewer security threats when bills are paid through phone: Paying through other systems requires detailed information where you have to fill a long form revealing your personal data. Such things might become the target for cyber theft, and your data might be stolen. Playing at your casino in NZ is one of the safest ways, as all you need to enter is your mobile phone number and the amount you want to deposit. The mobile number is used for verification.
  • Bills deposited through phones keep a check on your balance: Online payments via mobile phones are limited for 24 hours. This provides you with an automatic check on your budget and forbids you to overspend money on gambling. That makes an ideal way to play online as well as keep your budget in control. 


Nothing comes with 100% perfection, and the same goes for pay by phone options. So, you need to see the following drawbacks for the payments made by phone.

  • Find an alternative withdrawal: Although making a deposit through mobile phones is easier and faster, but the online casinos do not send you your won money through your mobile phone. For this, you must have an alternative, and that, of course, comes with the risk of putting your data at an online site to confirm the withdrawal. But there are also some of the safest ways that keep your personal information limited and secure.
  • Deposit limits: Pay by mobile phone option limits the high rollers to the limited deposit amount, and that is a big problem for them. The one-time maximum mobile phone deposit limit is NZ$10, and this limit is passed by the gambling regulating bodies. Moreover, the players are also restricted to deposit more than the daily limit. 
  • Deposits are limited for specific locations: The players residing in New Zealand, have to play in NZ casinos and their payments are accepted only made through the registered SIM in their country.
  • Provided by a limited number of casino operators: Pay by phone bill option is not widely accessible and is operated by the operators from the UK and NZ. 

How to use the pay by phone method?

If you have located your favorite casino that accepts the mobile phone bills, and yet you do not know how to do it, then follow these steps:

  • Step1: If you are not the existing member of the casino, then click the signup option and fill the form that requires your basic information. 
  • Step2: Now go to the payment option/transaction page and set up your payment method, which is ‘Pay by Phone’, and select the preferred payment provider that could be Boku or Payfavorit. 
  • Step3: In the next step, you need to enter your phone number and the deposit bill amount of your choice. Now click proceed for the confirmation of your final bill.
  • Step4: The final step involves authentication, where a code is sent to your mobile phone, and you have to enter that code in the form provided at the casino. If the code matches, then your deposited bill is verified and processed and if it does not, then you can try again. 

Diffrent types of pay by phone

There are plenty of operators who support pay bills through mobile phone. Here we have selected the two most reliable pay by phone ones:

  • Bills by Boku: This company is famous across the world. It makes your deposit very easier, and for that, you do not have to share your personal information with the company, rather, you only have to provide your mobile phone number. The best part is, its services are available 24/7.
  • Bills by Payforit: It is another safest method trusted by plenty of online casinos. Using this method is simple and easy. Just like Bonk, PayForit also does not ask for personal information, and you can opt for this method through your payment section. Here you are only required to provide your phone number and wait for the confirmation SMS for the successful transaction. 
  • Pay by phone with Muchbetter: An ewallet used only with mobile app to make faster, more secure and easier payments with the phone. More info here!

Pay by mobile phone casino games

  • Pay by phone table games: These are the most played games and include baccarat, video pokers, blackjack, roulette, and craps. You can avail of these games through your instant pay by phone casino.
  • Pay by phone instant win games: Pay by your phone and play lottery games, bingo, and scratch cards for instant wins at casinos. 
  • Pay by phone live casino: Online live casino is no exception to pay by phone method, where the players can have similar playing options as to when played through other payment methods.

Slot games

Slot games are the primary choice of players, and there is an extensive list of slots that range from 3-reel classic, 5-reel video slots, provided with multiple pay line options and flexible betting.

The online casino operators and software providers have contributed their part in providing mobile phone casino games, and there are plenty of gaming categories that are feasible to play through pay by Phones. Let’s take a look at different options where you can deposit through your mobile devices.

We have searched carefully and among many others following slots are on the preferred list on online players.