Online gambling in New Zealand

online betting nzOnline gambling in New Zealand, online or land-based is a very popular activity, which is illustrated by the fact that gamblers spend around $ 2 billion a year on gambling each year. In today’s article, we will focus on online gambling in New Zealand.

Here we have explained all about gambling laws, listed you all the games and types of online gambling, the methods of payment, and of course highlight the list of the best online gambling sites that are available and legal to all New Zealand players.

Online gambling in New Zealand

Due to the factors such as the demographics of the general population in New Zealand, there is a high level of demand for online casino facilities in New Zealand.

There are various gambling platforms which can work for this purpose in NZ.

However, there are also some complications which may present themselves for the players in NZ such as the different rules for different real money gaming platforms and so on.

Hence, it is important in NZ to first fully understand these aspects so that any potential setback merely due to a lack of knowledge about these aspects is avoided in NZ.

Is online gambling legal in NZ?

Yes, online gambling is legal in New Zealand only if you play at online casinos that are based overseas. However, there are some aspects within gambling which make it an illegal activity in NZ.

For example, cheating or the use of unfair means become illegal here in this case in NZ. All real money gambling sites on our website are based overseas and it is 100% legal for Kiwis to gamble and plays on them for real money.

How to recognize the best online gambling sites NZ?

kiwi searching best online gambling sites via newzealandcasinos.nzIt is an important aspect of gambling and playing casino on online platforms in NZ to select the ones which are reliable and fair in its dealings.

If attention is not given to this area, the player may fall a victim to multiple complications and may also end up losing all the money in the process in some extreme cases.

However, there are multiple factors which can help you determine the reliability of any certain platform.

By checking the selected platform against these five factors, you can decide for yourself whether or not online gambling websites is a reliable one:

Payment methods

  • One of the most basic aspects here in this case of the casino is that of payment methods. Payment methods must be reliable and verified. If not, something is fishy.

Casino reviews

  • If you are totally new to a platform, it may be a good idea to look for the reviews of the existing players. If something is wrong in the casino, you will get to know about it here in this case. The online gambling review forums are a reliable way of getting to know about any online gambling platform.

Nature of the game

  • The nature of the game itself may prove to be a reliable method of getting to know about the reliability of the game. If the game asks you for fishy offers and so on, you may fall a victim to any scam scheme. Hence, you need to steer clear of any such platform.

Winning streaks

  • The winning streaks may also be a red alarm giving warnings about the nature of the game itself. No reliable game has frequent winning streaks. The frequency of the winning streaks of some players around you may speak volumes about the biased algorithms of the casino and you may fall prey to one.


  • The popularity of the platform or the game is another important factor here in this case. The popular gambling casino is seldom riddled with such issues. They have a lot to lose and they are aware of the fact that any such actions may lead to the demise of their own casino or game along with legal action against them.

Forms of online gambling

There are various different forms of online gambling that are available for players from across the world and New Zealand.

Some of the most popular forms of online gambling  have been explained down below and we have provided you with the most popular sites where you can start your adventure:

Online Casino

Casinos are arguably one of the most popular forms of online gambling. In the casinos, layers can get real-life experience.

This may be due to a high quality of aspects such as graphics and a great collection of games.

The variety of games within this platform is an important aspect as well, on online casinos we can play all land-based casino games and even more.

And there is also a live dealer casino option to play in real time versus real human.

In most cases, dealers are beautiful and kind attractive girls, but for all female gamblers, there are also handsome men dealers.

Top 3 best online casinos for Kiwis

NZ$ 250

+ 100 free spins

Play now T & C Apply


  • Currency: NZ$
  • Games: 1000 +
  • No deposit bonus: x
  • Mobile friendly: 100%
  • Products: Casino, Live Casino
Read more about Wishmaker

NZ$ 300

+ 50 Cash Spins

Play now T & C Apply


  • Currency: NZ$
  • Games: 1300 +
  • No deposit bonus: x
  • Mobile friendly: 100%
  • Products: Casino, Live Casino
Read more about Dreamz

NZ$ 1000

+ 150 Free Spins

Play now T & C Apply

Vegas Casino

  • Currency: NZD
  • Pokies: 100+
  • No deposit bonus: x
  • Mobile friendly: 100%
  • Products: Casino, Live Casino, Video Poker
Read more about Vegas Casino

Sports Betting

The sports betting can be done on a variety of gambling platforms in NZ and a variety of sports as well.

The most popular betting sports include rugby union, rugby league, football, cricket, horses, basketball, netball and so on in NZ.

This is one of the oldest as well as one of the most popular sources of online gambling in NZ.

The most popular platform in New Zealand is TAB NZ, but if you looking for better odds and higher eventual winnings you should check other sports betting sites that are based overseas.

On our list below we have listed the best sports betting sites with the highest odds and best collection of offered sports to bet on.

Also on our betting page Online Betting in the menu you can learn more about betting tips and strategies and you can check many other betting sites.

Top 3 best sports betting sites

NZ$ 200

+ NZ$ 5 No deposit

Play now T & C Apply


  • Currency: NZD
  • Games: 1200+
  • No deposit bonus: NZ$5
  • Mobile friendly: 100%
  • Products: Casino, Live Casino, Sports Betting, Live Betting, Virtual Sports
Read more about Betzest

NZ$ 100

+ 100 free spins

Play now T & C Apply


  • Currency: NZD
  • Games: 900+
  • No deposit bonus: x
  • Mobile friendly: 100%
  • Products: Casino, Live Casino, Sports Betting, Live Betting
Read more about Bethard

NZ$ 2000

on first 3 deposits

Play now T & C Apply

White Lion

  • Currency: NZD
  • Games: 500+
  • No deposit bonus: x
  • Mobile friendly: 100%
  • Products: Casino, Live Casino, Sports Betting
Read more about White Lion


Bingo is a popular game in NZ and is played worldwide. Bingo can now be played online in NZ as well.

The different dynamics operate online which makes it reliable as well as a popular source for online betting and gambling.

Bingo is a relaxed game where you can enjoy and play slowly, bingo is loved by the older people but the younger people are also enjoying it.

VIP Bingo site for NZ players

NZ$ 10

on signup

Play now T & C Apply

Giggle Bingo

  • Accepts NZ$ currency
  • Always great welcome & loyalty bonuses
  • Huge selection of various games
Read more about Giggle Bingo


Lotteries are popular as well in the casino of NZ.

There are multiple online platforms available for this in NZ.

The transactions, as well as results, take place online.

Horse racing

Horse racing is a high-end gambling scene in NZ and it is divided into two categories

  • Thoroughbred
  • Standardbred (harness)

Standardbred or harness is also popular as “trotting” in New Zealand and the first events are recorded in 1864.

If you are a fan of betting on the horse racing and especially on “trotting” the best choice for you would be the because this gambling platform has a special betting offer for this kind of horse racing events.

Online gambling with real money NZ

For the purpose of online gambling, real money can be used as well.

For this purpose, well reputed online sources such as Visa and MasterCard can be used.

One of the most commonly used tools in NZ for this purpose is the POLi payment services for the casino.

Get the bonuses!

One of the most important aspect here in the casino is that there is an offering of bonuses for the players in NZ.

There is a criterion for the players to get the bonus and it is not possible to get the bonuses without fulfilling the said criteria.

The people who get these online bonuses are liable to pay taxes as well.

The online gambling also offers these bonuses on a random basis in order to increase the motivation levels of the players and attract newer players to the casino in NZ.

The most popular bonuses are deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and free spins.

If you want to find out more about bonuses and find a casino with the bonus that suits you the best, you should check out our Casino Bonuses page.

Play Responsibly!

Due to the nature of the casino, it is important to understand the aspect of ethics and responsibility in this area.

The online gambling must incorporate the rules of online ethics and strict action is taken against those who cheat or use unfair means in order to win at these online gambling platforms.

All players should play for real money only because of entertainment and fun.

Mobile gambling

There is also an option of mobile gambling developed for the purpose of online casino and gambling in NZ. This has been done in order to enhance the utility of the gamers.

Due to this feature, those who want to indulge in these games can do so even while they are traveling or are at work during free time.

It is also an important aspect due to the fact that it has significantly increased the number of players as many new people have been attracted to the usage of this online platform due to a higher level of utility.

Online gambling is available to players via iOS, Android and Windows devices. 95% percent of these gambling platforms are mobile friendly and you will not have any problems playing it via your mobile.

Online gambling laws in NZ

Online gambling laws in NZThere are multiple laws intact, which deal with the area of online gambling laws in New Zealand. New Zealand is a country of 4.78 million people, which calls for prudent laws in order to deal with the area under discussion.

The laws deal with aspects such as taxes and legal boundaries. The people who gamble online in the casino have to pay taxes on their winnings.

These taxes may differ based on aspects such as the number of winnings and so on. Also, the taxes may also differ from casino to casino based on the nature of the casino.

These taxes can be calculated on the website or by consulting the rates of taxes in New Zealand. But if you play at online casinos that are based overseas, you as a resident of New Zealand do not have to pay any taxes on your winnings.

History of online gambling

Casinos have been around for quite some time now for gambling. Traces of casinos games have been found since 1638 in the city of Venice, Italy in 1638. Over time with the progression of technology, gambling popularity has skyrocketed due to new innovations and methods. However, an issue with many of the players today is that they are unable to find the time for playing or going to the casino every weekend.

This may be due to multiple complications such as time as well as financial constraints. In order to eradicate this issue, many online gambling platforms have come up with the facility of gambling online in a fashion similar to a real-life casino in NZ. As expected, the popularity of such platforms has been on a constant way up due to the high level of utility in NZ. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the gambling scene in New Zealand

Frequently asked questions

✅ Is the online transaction process safe?

Yes, the online transaction process is totally safe. The trail is laced with multiple firewalls of protection so that no third party or unauthorized person gets access to your transaction process.

✅ How long does it take for the online payments to be transferred?

It may depend upon a number of factors, but it generally takes a few minutes to a few hours to get transferred. If your online payment gets delayed, do not panic it must be on its way to you.

✅ Can players from all over the world play?

Yes, this game is not only for the players in New Zealand. Players from all over the world can play this online platform.

✅ Is there any limit on how much the players can bet?

There is no definite limit on how much a person can bet, but it is not recommended to bet a lot due to various risks associated with the game as a part of its nature.

✅ The game does not load on my browser. What can be done about it?

The game works fine on every browser. You need to ensure that aspects such as plug-in permissions are fulfilled. Once you do all this, restart the system and enjoy the game!

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