Online casino of the year 2022 Global Gaming Awards prize goes to LeoVegas

There are about 10 igaming awards around the world that everyone in the industry values ​​and every year new winners are nominated and crowned in different categories and from different organizations.

One of them is the Global Gaming Awards, which are also the most famous and respectable around the world.

New awards:

Global Gaming Awards 2022
Global Gaming Awards 2022

As you can see in the picture above, there are several different categories to win a prize in, but perhaps the most talked about, the most respectful is the one that LeoVegas won this year at the Global Gaming Awards 2022 at the Hippodrome Casino in London, namely this “online casino fo the year”!

The winners were announced on April 11 at Hippodrome’s casino in London.

Winner for the fifth year in a row

But that is not enough to describe this year’s corrupt winner for LeoVegas won the same title “online casino of the year” also last year at the Global Gaming Awards 2021 in London.

Here you will find our article from last year’s nominations and winners of the Global Gaming Awards 2021 in London where LeoVegas is at the top.

Online casino fo the year 2022
Online casino fo the year 2022

In short, we have both this year’s winner for the title of online casino of the year and an online casino that is so good that no one manages to offer a better experience despite the fact that the online casino market is growing so fast.

What do we have to say about that? If you want to choose a casino right now and would rather play at the best online casino then the choice is easy – LeoVegas!

In addition to this award, in our review under the section on the company, you can also get an overview of many other well-known profits that LeoVegas has received over the years, such as the best mobile casino operator, for example.

If you take a look at the winners from 2020 and back in time at the Global Gaming Awards and you will soon notice that this is the fifth year in a row that LeoVegas wins the title, online casino of the year!

Before we go any further and tell you a little more about the other nominees, we just want to take the opportunity to say congratulations to LeoVegas for a really good job!

What other category awards are given in London 2022?

Global Gaming awards will award prizes for a number of different categories both online and on land.

The ones that are most interesting to us, ie the ones that are online, include:

  • Online sports betting operator
  • Retail supplier of the year
  • Casino fo the year
  • Online casino supplier of the year
  • Casino product of the year
  • Payment solution of the year
  • Product launch of the year
  • Affiliate program of the year
  • Social responsibility
  • Executive of the year

Who voted for the winners?

All judges are presented on the site

Global Gaming Awards London 2022 Judges
Global Gaming Awards London 2022 Judges

Fun fact: Evolution, the world’s largest live casino operator, broadcasts costumes from the land-based casino Hippodrome in London.

More info here!

Global Gaming Awards in Las Vegas & Asia

Two more Awards will be held this year by the Global Gaming Awards and these will be held in Las Vegas as well as in Asia.

Award categories in Asia will be:

  • Casino operator of the year
  • Casino supplier of the year
  • Table game of the year
  • Casino product of the year
  • Digital operator of the year
  • Digital supplier of the year
  • Executive of the year

Voting commences 8th july 2022!

And award categories in Las Vegas will be:

  • Coustumer loyalty program of the year (Best casino rewards)
  • Payment solution of the year – Can it be Minify, Poli or maybe even bitcoin?
  • Slot of the year – Which slot is better then all others this year?
  • Responsible business of the year – Best commite to CRM
  • Digital product of the year – Game management system
  • Digital industry supplier – Providers that gaming operators rely on

Voting commences 30th august 2022!