Live betting

Live betting or in-play is one of the best features available at online sports betting sites.

It was introduced in the 2000s and is a fun and exciting way of entertainment that creates unique opportunities to win real money.

Live betting gives you chance to place your bets on a race or a match while it’s in full flow (In-Play).

live betting stats
Live betting

So if you want to skip the statistical research or predictions on the winner or what will happen before the game starts, then live sports betting is the right choice for you!

From horse racing rails to football stadiums, and everything that is between, the situation in the sport can change in a moment.

In-play betting makes it easier for you to make instant decisions at the right moment and be updated with every throw, swing and kick in all sport markets.

That is why we have created this guide where you can find all the important details about live betting options in New Zealand. Keep on reading to find out more!

How to bet live on a match?

If you are a beginner in online betting and you are ready to try live betting but you do not know how we have made a detailed guide in which you will learn how to bet live on a match in ten seconds.

Just follow our steps below and give it a try:

The first thing you need to do is create an account at one of the recommended live betting sites.

Registration is quick and easy and consists of filling out a regsitration form, agreeing with T&C’s and activating an account.
Choosing a match
Go to live betting section and define an ongoing match you want to join.

You will see events are divided into categories and subcategories depending on the sports features such as tournaments, championships, leagues and so on.

Some sites offer live stream service which is a great way to watch and make bets during a game.
Make a fixed bet
Now you can choose preferable odds and look fo bet types that you think can work out.

Combine these two actions in order to make a fixed bet.
Confirm your bet
Confirm your bet:

After you make a fixed bet, you can continue to measure the amount of bets and confirm your bet.

How to find best live betting sites?

How to identify and find the best live betting sites for a New Zealand player is a question that comes along?

If you want to have the best user experience and increase your chances to win real money, then you should always choose our recommended live betting sites.

Best live betting sites for NZ bettors

  • Leovegas
    NZ$ 1000
    + 150 free spins and 50 cashspins
    2380+ games
    Massive win potential
    Spectacular selection of games
    18+ | Wager req: 35x | Free spins are wager free (cashspins) | Play responsibly | | Terms and Conditions Apply
  • William Hill
    NZ$ 300
    + 50 free spins
    700+ games
    Daily instant win prizes
    Selection of exclusive games
    18+ | Bonus & free spins wager req: 40x | Play responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply

Top 7 best live betting tips ever!

Our team of experts explained to us here in brief:

  1. You should always choose sites that offer a lucrative and dynamic approach to sports betting.
  2. In addition, to live to bet, it is very important that you have the option of sports betting before the start of the game.
  3. The live betting site should have a simple analysis and make it easier to use your platform.
  4. Available odds should be updated regularly throughout the day.
  5. Always choose sites that provide an interesting, modern and profitable way of betting.
  6. Look for betting sites that offer live stream services.
  7. And the most important is to look for live betting sites that pay out all winnings on time, work with complete confidentiality and full support to customers.

Tab live betting alternatives

TAB live betting is the most popular online betting platform in New Zealand.

Kiwis are aware that this platform is regulated by the New Zealand Government and they feel safe on it in terms of security, legality, regulation and of course it will not be scammed.

TAB of course comes with many benefits enjoyed by all bettors from NZ, but there is one big downside when it comes to being a TAB live betting platform.

TAB live betting

tab live betting page screenshot


  • 22 sports available for live betting
  • Watch & Bet
  • Odds could be higer
  • Payouts up to 72 hours

William Hill live beting

william hill live betting page screenshot


  • 31+ available sport to bet live on
  • Watch & Bet
  • Odd relatively high
  • Instant payouts

Explore William Hill ↓

  • William Hill
    NZ$ 300
    + 50 free spins
    700+ games
    Daily instant win prizes
    Selection of exclusive games
    18+ | Bonus & free spins wager req: 40x | Play responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply

Namely, if we take the fact that TAB NZ is the only online betting service approved by the NZ government and that they have no competition in New Zealand they can set up odds as they wish because players have no other alternatives.

While the overseas live betting sites available to many New Zealanders sound insecure and distrustful, this is not the case at all.

Of course, there are many fraudulent sites, but sites licensed by European regulators such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority guarantee you total honesty, high quality betting deals, useful odds and a more modern way of betting.

If we put TAB NZ in the same basket with recommended live betting sites and compare offers from a neutral point of view, believe that TAB NZ in many segments would have a very poor rating.

The most popular live betting sports in New Zealand are rugby, cricket, horse racing, football, tennis, basketball and others.

We mentioned sports in chronological order from most popular to less popular.

The popularity of live betting sports in NZ is quite different from the rest of the world, while football comes first in many countries in NZ that’s not the case. But it is what it is!

Punters have really countless betting opportunities at our recommended live betting sites in many categories. We have chosen sites that offer not only classic types of sports but also the most popular ones that are currently in trend.

Sports such as rugby, cricket, football, basketball, tennis, hockey and many others.

But before “classic sports”, we have provided you with sites where you can bet live on e-sports such as Mortal Kombat, World of Tanks, Dota, Counter-Strike, Fifa and so on.

Also, if you are a big fan of football, you can explore the interesting live Football Studio game developed by Evolution where you can bet on a draw, a home win or an away win determined by the value of two cards drawn.

Also, there are animal sports like trotting, horse racing, greyhound racing and others.

This is just one part of offers at these live betting sites. Just visit live bet streams and choose any from the existing sports games. Daily markets count over 1000 different markets.

Below we will talk about the top 5 most popular sports that Kiwis bet live on.


Live betting football is very popular way of placing bet during a game. Football is interesting for live betting because you have information that gives you better insight for decision making.

The situation on the football field changes from minute to minute. Football is the sport in which the most goals are expected in the last 15 minutes.

The losing team makes pressing and attacks with all their might in order to at least draw a draw, while the leading team launches counterattacks in order to prevent their victory.

Horse racing

Whether you are a fan of horse racing, greyhound racing or harness racing, here on our recommended betting sites, you will have all available options to bet on.

Horse racing betting is an exciting, fun and cost-effective category of sports betting and is not as complicated as in other sports. You pick a horse, place a bet and pay the ticket and you’re done.

The rest depends on luck. The best bet is “SHOW” where you bet your horse will finish in the first three places. The hardest bet is “PICK4”, where you bet that your horse will finish first in 4 consecutive races.


Tennis is also one of the most interesting and profitable sports for live betting. Tennis is available for live betting all year round from the January Australian Open until the November ATP final.

Tennis live betting can be divided into three types of bets, which are betting on games, sets and betting on points.

During the match, players have ups and downs. Your task is to follow and guess who will be the winner of the match, set, game, or who will win points.

When betting, take into account the surface on which the match is played, the quality of the player’s record.

Whether the player prefers to play on grass, clay or on a hard surface. Time also plays a significant role in the game.


Cricket is one of the most played sports when it comes to betting on a global scale.

By making correct bets for small stakes players can have a chance to win extremly big wins.

Players can bet on three variations including test cricket, international cricket (One Day), and T20 Cricket.

In order to increase your chance of winning cricket bet your should always check out two important bits of indo including ranking chart and team statistics.

Second thing is to py attention to the weather forecast before you decide where to bet your cash.

Weather condition can affect the outcome of the cricket match. Focus on the pitch grounds because they can affect the quality of gameplay.

The main thing you should always pay attention to is overall team expirience.


If you are a rugby lover and want to bet live first you should check the odds offered by different bookmakers.

Of course choose the live betting page that offers the most odds for your bet.

When choosing rugby matches, pay attention to the international calendar because rugby is the only sports team that does not take breaks in case of international matches.

It is also very important to analyze the current state of rankings, time, as well as mutual outcomes. Although in lie betting after a few minutes you can more easily conclude the true state and outcome of the game.


What is head to head live betting?

Head to Head in live betting is when you place a bet on a team or a player to win a match, game, set or a race. It depends on sport you play.

How do betting odds work?

When it comes to betting odds, we must first mention that you will encounter two types of odds on betting sites, namely American (moneyline) and Decimal (European). Considering that decimal odds are the most common in New Zealand, we will explain how they work. Decimal betting odds work by multiplying between and eventually with your bet. Take for example that you bet on All Blacks against England. The odds for a New Zealand win is 1.50 and your stake is say NZ $ 100. If you only played that match on a ticket, your eventual winnings are NZ $ 150. This is obtained by multiplying the odds by your stake.

Are live bets better than pre-match?

Live bets are better in some ways and if you follow your favorite team you know a lot about, this type of betting can be much more profitable than pre-match betting. The advantages of live bets are reflected in the fact that while watching the game you have many options for betting and you can make the right decision at a given time. While in pre-match betting, you predict the outcome after the analysis from previous matches and the rank list.