CSGO betting

CSGO is an acronym for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and it is used to describe a first-person shooter game that is usually played by two teams.

CSGO betting online
CSGO betting

Each team usually consists of 5 players. One of the teams is the terrorist team, and their goal is to plant a bomb in one of the bomb sites before the time elapses.

On the other hand, the second team is the counter-terrorist, and their goal is to eliminate the terrorist or defuse the bomb on time if the terrorist was able to plant it.

Additionally, both teams will be required to either free or protect hostages. However, this depends on the team that you fall into.

In the game, teams must work together to prevent other players from being killed. CSGO game is played on a map of generated landscapes and changes each time a new game starts.

Each round won counts as a point, and the game is played using 30 formats.

So the team to first reach 16 points wins the game. After the first 15 rounds, the teams switch positions, giving them the same chance of winning.

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Are there any free CSGO betting sites?

In the gambling industry, you will come across various online casino sites that offer CSGO betting or e-sports betting. Impressively, some of these sites usually offer free CSGO betting to their players.

With this, players will be able to understand how the betting works before they play with their real money.

Additionally, there are some betting sites that offer various bonuses and promotional offers that players can use to bet more on CSGO online.

However, the kind of bonuses offered to players differs depending on the gambling site that you are visiting.

In addition, some sites might offer you a free bonus without the need to deposit any money. On the other hand, some might require you to make a deposit.

The former is the best for players who are just getting started with CSGO online betting.

With this bonus, you can bet on your best CSGO games for free. However, you will need to be a registered member of the site before you can claim the free offer.

Additionally, some gambling sites might require you to provide a bonus code before you can claim the offer.

What is CSGO Skin betting?

If you’re familiar with CSGO betting, then you must have heard of Skin betting. CSGO Skin betting is a practice that was globally popular during the formative days of CSGO pro scene, and it has helped develop the game into what we know today.

Skins are cosmetics goods that can be won throughout the game, and this started in 2013.

Skins are generally unique paint jobs for your weapons and other items, which do not affect the game in any way. You can win them at random, and they can be used to customize your character.

Players can exchange their skin for money at a Steam marketplace.

As a skin gambler, it means that you will be using virtual goods to stake on the outcome of the game.

Skin betting is an alternative to real money betting.

Players can decide to bet on the overall winner using a popular skin like StatTrak AK-47 or you can use a gut knife to stake your bet.

Most skin betting sites will require you to bet your skins worth $10 in a pot, and the winner will take all.

How to pick the best betting sites with CSGO

Several betting sites that offer CSGO are flying around the internet – both legitimate and illegitimate ones.

Because of that, you need to play at the best CSGO site if you want to enjoy an exhilarating gambling experience. Players should therefore consider some things when picking their desired gambling sites.

First, ensure that the site is regulated by top licensing authorities in the industry. With this, you can rest assured of a fair gambling environment that is free from all fraudulent activities.

Additionally, the best gambling sites will have great bonus offers for their players.

Players should ensure that the site they’re choosing offers fast withdrawals. With this, you’ll be able to cash out your winnings on time without any delays.

Besides, players should also make sure the CSGO site offers access to a variety of payment options that they can use to make transactions at the site.

Also, the site should be able to offer professional support to players whenever they experience any issues.

This will assure you of a seamless experience at the site. In addition, ensure that the site offers ease of use and that it’s compatible across all mobile platforms.

CSGO betting predictions

The more you understand the game, the better you will be at predicting the outcome of the game.

However, the concept remains the same for all sports. Most bookies will offer odds, and they represent the prices you are likely to get when you win.

The odds will move up before the game starts and the goal of every job handicappers is to find the value.

The value is the difference between a bettor’s calculated odds and the intended odds of the bookie.

So a good CSGO prediction should contain the calculated value and the estimated win.

In addition, it is better to focus on the lineups because players can change and likewise trade also.

So once you have staked your wager, it’s advisable that you follow it up (monitor your bet). The more information you get, the better it is.

Some bet info you should track include when making predictions include ROI, closing line value, yield, number of bets, profits, and many more.

Also, players should know that a good betting prediction is when you outsmart the market. You can download a betting tracker online if you don’t have one.

Online betting strategies


Double your bet after a loss.


Increase bets when winning!


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Double your bets after a loss.


Win back your loses!


Pyramid strategi


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Increase bets when you win!


Always bet same amount