Megaways slots games explained → 117,649 paylines

megaways slots

Megaways slots are exciting slot games that run on the highly innovative Megaways mechanic.

The mechanic uses a random reel modifier that changes the amount of symbols appearing on a reel, giving a player up to 117,649 paylines.

Megaways was introduced in 2015 by software provider, Big Time Gaming when it released the Dragon Born slot game.

How do Megaways slot games work?

Megaways slots may seem complicated but in reality they are quite simple. A normal Megaways slot has 6 reels with up to 7 symbols showing on every reel.

The amount of symbols appearing is randomly determined by the Megaways mechanic. This can generate up to 117,649 winning ways when all reels display the maximum amount of symbols.

With Megaways, the precise number of paylines in a spin is unknown, which somehow varies the winning chances. Besides, a reel can have from 2 to 7 symbols meaning there are many opportunities of landing winning combinations.

However, not all slots give 117,649 paylines. For instance, Heroes Hunt Megaways offers only 46,656 paylines.

  • The Megaways mechanic is an invention by Big Time Gaming
  • Megaways slots offer up to 117,649 paylines when all the reels are filled with symbols.

Winning on Megaways slots

Winning on a Megaways slot game slightly differs to winning on a normal one. Instead of aligning symbols on a specific payline, you just have to arrange identical symbols on neighbouring reels to form a winning combination.

The symbols have to be arranged from the left side to the right side, following each other.

Normally, you will need to land symbols on at least 3 reels in order to win, starting with the first reel.

The size and the exact placement of the symbol on the reel does not matter. However, the amount of symbols on every reel is key in calculating the payout that you will be awarded.

Calculating Megaways slots ways to win

Almost all Megaways slots will display the number of paylines on the screen. This is very helpful since keeping track of the calculations can get quite tricky.

However, if you like crunching the numbers, you can work it out. To get the total amount of paylines, just multiply the amount of symbols in every reel against each other.

  • To create a winning combo, identical symbols must be arranged on adjoining reels beginning with the first reel
  • The amount of symbols is very important in calculating the payout to be given
  • The total amount of winning ways is calculated by multiplying the amount of symbols in the first reel with the amount in successive reels

For example if all 7 symbols appear on all six reels, you will first multiply the seven symbols on the first reel with the seven symbols on the second reel (7×7= 49). You will then multiply this result with the symbols on the third reel (49×7= 343). This will continue as: (343×7= 2,401), (2,401×7= 16,807), (16,807×7= 117,649).

Megaways bonus features

Although Megaways is already spectacular, the mechanic still incorporates some special features to spice things up.

The first feature is the Cascading Reels. With this feature, every time a winning combination is created, the symbols vanish and new ones appear to replace them.

The new combinations are then re-calculated, with extra wins being added to your earnings.

The second feature is the Unlimited Multiplier which is normally activated during the bonus game.

Typically, this feature starts with a 1x value at the beginning, and increases by 1x in each successive win. The multiplier values can go up 20x or even 30x, hence making for some very exciting action in the bonus game.

Where can one play the Megaways slots?

Megaways slot games have continued to smash iGaming records over and over again. For this reason, the majority of gambling websites stock them.

Besides, many online casinos also include Megaways slots from other licensed providers. However, you can only find these games at online gambling platforms and sadly not at land-based casinos.

Best online casinos with Big Time Gaming slots (Megaways slots)

The best Megaways slot games

With plenty of Megaways slots out there, selecting one can be a very arduous process.

However, some of the best slots available in many casinos include Royal Mint, White Rabbit, Medusa Megaways and Mystical Santa Megaways. These titles are not only among the most popular but they also have high RTP rates.

What next for Megaways?

With a list of more than 100 titles, it is safe to assert that the Megaways mechanic is here to stay.

BTG, the brand behind this technology has now licensed it to several other leading software studios in the world.

This means that we should expect more releases as providers strive to keep up with the increasing demand.