Lotto Powerball reached $50m and must be won on Saturday!

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Powerball lotto NZ

New Zealand’s huge Lotto Powerball $42 million has rolled over this Wednesday and set up new $50 million draws that must be won this Saturday!

Wednesday night lotto draw was rolled over while no one has claimed the jackpot, a six players won the first division for the prize $166,667.

Winners were from across New Zealand, from 6 different places( Dunedin, Nelson, Wellington, Whanganui, Auckland, and Northland. Lotto draw were 2, 3, 8, 21, 30, 33. Power ball was 6 and the bonus ball was 13.

lotto new zealand draw feb 26, 2020

Lotto Powerball’s jackpot has reached $50 million and must be won this Saturday!

If a stroke of lady luck hit only one player, he will be the largest prize winner ever and will enter the history books of New Zealand Lotto.

Marie Winfield Lotto NZ head of communications told

Marie Winfield said that this Saturday will be a mist win draw, and if no one wins “Powerball First Division”, the money will be shared amongst the next highest division.

Marie added that this Saturday is guaranteed that even if the prize is split, the one or few Kiwiws gonna win Huge!

This weekend one or more New Zealanders are going to become a millionaire.

The previous highest Powerball jackpot has reached $44 million back in 2016. Winners were a young couple from Hibiscus Coast.

The highest number of tickets being sold was in that 2016 draw.

Chances for taking out the jackpot

Winfield told that for a normal draw, Lotto sells somewhere around 500.000 tickets, but for Wednesday draw it was three times that amount (1.500.000 tickets).

Thomas Lumley a professor of biostatics at the University of Auckland told for Stuff, the chances for taking out the jackpot at Lotto Powerball are very slim, as a matter of fact, he told that chance of hitting all winnings number are 1: 38.000.000.

Online jackpot games of chance

Keeping in mind that the odds are very low to win a jackpot on a Saturday night does not mean that there are no other games in the gambling world that give us a better chance of winning.

Online gambling in New Zealand is gaining popularity as players must be 18+ and play responsibly.

Online casinos offer great odds and games that give players a chance to win big prizes.

Below, we have listed three popular casino games that are available online and offer the best odds to win.

Video Poker – With a return to player from 97% to 99%
Online Pokies machines – With a return to player from 94% to 96%


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