Lightning Dice

The Lightning Dice game launched in 2019 and is brought to you by the renowned Evolution Gaming.

Furthermore, the game has 96.21% RTP and a multiplier up to 1000x, you will always be on your toes with this new addition to the Lightning series.

Lighting Dice Studio
Lighting Dice studio by Evolution

In this Lightning Dice review, you can learn about the basic rules, multipliers, betting grid, winning strategies, and more!

Basic rules

Lightning Dice is a live dealer dice game available at all live casino sites that support Evolution games.

Your objective is to predict the three rolled dices’ result or the total number.

It is a fast-paced game where a new round begins every 30 seconds.

However, you can use the Repeat Bet button, as well, to repeat the numbers you had previously chosen.

You simply have to choose a number from 3 – 18 and bet on the total number of the rolled dices before the betting round is over.

Afterwards, the host will roll the dices, and all you need do is wait for the resulting number and its multiplier.


Lightning Dice uses the Random Number Generator to generate Lightning Strike multipliers.

Therefore, you cannot predict or guess the multipliers.

Besides, when a lightning multiplier is added to your bet, it will get cancelled if there is a base multiplier.

For example, let’s say the base multiplier for 3 is 150x, and you have landed on the 500x multiplier, as well.

In such a case, you will not receive the sum of both multipliers.

Instead, you will lose your 100x multiplier and win the 500x multiplier.

Betting options and its multipliers
  • For numbers 10 or 11 the multiplier is 5x
  • 9 or 12 has a 6x multiplier
  • 13x is the multiplier for 8 or 13
  • while the multiplier for 7 or 14 is 10x
  • Furthermore, 15x is the multiplier for 6 or 15
  • while the third-largest multiplier 25x is allotted to 5 or 16
  • 50x is the second-largest multiplier and it is for numbers 4 or 17
  • Finally, the largest multiplier and the one for numbers 3 or 18 is 150x

Nonetheless, the highest Lightning Strike multipliers are 500x and 1000x.

Betting grid

In Lightning Dice, three dice will be rolled. You have to guess and bet on the total number of the three dices.

You can bet on numbers from 3 to 18, clubs of two having a different multiplier.

betting grid at  Lighting Dice live casino game
Screenshot of Betting Grid

For instance, 3 or 18 have the highest multiplier (150x), and 10 or 11 have the lowest multiplier of 5x.

However, you can bet on all the numbers if you so desire.

To do this, click on the ‘bet on all’ button that the game provides you.

You can also repeat your chosen numbers for a particular round for the next game round.

1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 2000, and 2x double are your betting chips.

Sum, combination, and probability

Lightning Dice is a dice rolling popular live game show. Therefore, your win depends upon the total number of rolled dice you choose.

The multipliers have been set in accordance with the sum, combination, and probability of the resulting numbers.

You will find the lowest multipliers for the numbers which are most probable to result.

These are the numbers whose sums you can get from multiple combinations.

For example, you can achieve the combination of 10 in 27 different ways.

Consequently, this number has the lowest multiplier.

However, you can get 18 as the total number by getting six on all three dices. Hence, 18’s multiplier is the highest.

Lightning Dice is entirely based on probability for the sum of the combination of the rolled dices.

To win most, you can bet on the most probable numbers despite having lower multipliers.

infographic   precentage of winning at Lighting Dice game

Betting on the highest multiplier numbers decreases the probability of you winning.

How to play Lightning Dice?

You just have to guess the total number of three dice that the dealer rolls.

If your bet matches the resulting number, you win your bet, along with the multiplier allotted to that specific number.

lighting dice logo
Lightning Dice
Start the gaming by betting
The first step to the game is to bet on a number between 3 and 18 before the dices are rolled. You can, however, bet on all the numbers, as well. As mentioned, your betting chips are 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 2000, and 2x double
Bet options and styles
You can bet using their drag and drop facility. However, to bet on all numbers, you can click on the ‘bet on all’ option. Your screen will display a timer showing how long you have to place your bet. Each new round starts within 30 seconds. Therefore, you have half a minute to decide on your betting number.
Dice roll
The live dealer rolls the three dice immediately after the betting round is complete and you’ve made your bet. The dealer drops the dice in a machine that rolls them. When the dice are dropped, the Lightning Strike feature starts automatically. However, this determines the RNG payout of this game.
Outcomes and payouts
After the dice are dropped and rolled, the game’s camera will zoom into the roll result. This will display the number which the dealer will subsequently announce. If you have gambled on the correct number, you will win, and your payout will be processed.

Winning strategies

Lightning Dice is a game that is based on probability.

As such, there are specific strategies or tips you can use to improve your chances of winning.

  • Reserve your bets to smaller multiplier numbers to increase your winning chances. Even though 3 and 18 have the highest payout, they are also the most unlikely. Therefore, if you bet on them, you are more unlikely to win than if you bet on numbers with smaller multipliers.
  • Don’t bet on all the numbers. In Lightning Dice, you don’t have a chance of hitting all the numbers. This is because some numbers’ probability appears more than the others. Hence, it would be best to bet on more probable numbers to win.
  • Choose value numbers. Figures that are more probable to appear are called value numbers. These include 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.

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Is Lightning Dice available on mobile devices?

Yes. You can find Lightning Dice, like other Evolution games, on your android, iOS, or windows mobile devices.

Does Lightning Dice offer a demo?

No, it does not. Like Evolution’s other games, you can either play a free round or a demo round for Lightning Dice.

What is the highest Payout Lightning Dice offers?

The highest payout on offer in the Lightning Dice game comes from the 1000x Lightning Strike multiplier.