How to win on pokies using strategies?

Players are always looking for ways on how to beat the casinos and walk away with a massive payout.

After finding casinos with the best online pokies games, we all try to find some casino strategies on how to win on pokies or other casino games. So far there is no proven winning strategy for any casino game.

You can employ some casino strategies while playing table games like roulette or blackjack, but it’s a well-known fact that in the long run the casino always wins.

In this article, we will try and explain how do pokies work and what strategies you can employ to maximize your chances of winning. Let’s begin!

pokies and strategies

Understanding pokies

The first thing you need to understand is that pokies are games of chance.

There are no skills required and no matter how well you know the game this doesn’t mean that you will win on it every time.

You see, pokies are run by an RNG ( Random Number Generator).

The RNG ensures that the outcome of each spin on the game is random and can’t be predicted.

Also, every following spin is in no correlation with the previous one. This makes it impossible for anyone to predict the outcome on pokies for a given spin. If you could, that would be great.

You could hit the max bet button, win big in the bonus round and walk away like one happy camper. But the reality is that pokies are a lot more complex than you know.

Pokies variance

Another important factor about pokies is their variance.

In simple terms, the variance is the frequency of payouts that the pokie produces over a period of spins. So all pokies have a low, medium or high variance.

Some pokies can also have an in-between variance like medium-high or low-medium.

Why is this important? Well understanding the game variance will help you in building your strategy. You see low variance pokies will produce frequent, but smaller payouts.

High variance pokies, on the other hand, will produce much bigger payouts, but this can happen once in a blue moon. So by choosing the right games you can plan your strategy and optimize your chances of winning big.

Moving on!

Pokies RTP value

The RTP value (Return to Player) is one the of main factors which you need to take into consideration when playing pokies.

See our list with the online pokies with the highest RTP%.

Every online pokie has an RTP value, which is the amount the game is predicted to return to the player in form of winnings over a long period of spins.

So the math is quite simple. The higher the RTP value of the game is the bigger your chances are in winning.

When you combine all of these 3 factors together you get a random game that can pay big on any given spin or eat thousands of dollars without paying anything decent.

Now that we explained how pokies work it’s time to show you some winning strategies.

Top 3 pokies with highest RTP percentage

Winning strategies on pokies

Before we start we need to clear up something.

There are no sure 100% winning strategies for pokies or any other casino game. If there were the casinos would be out of business.

Forget those silly articles where some affiliate explains how to trick a pokie into paying out.

Those are pure clickbait articles and you will only end up losing your entire balance.

So, when playing online pokies there are two things you need to consider; starting bankroll and expected return.

This can basically go two ways. You can either aim to win big and make a big withdrawal or you can aim for smaller wins and make frequent smaller withdrawals.

Big win strategy

If you aim to win big you need to have a big starting balance.

This can be done by making a big pure deposit or by claiming a big bonus.

Both ways work, only the strategy is a bit different.

The best way to win big on pokies is to play medium to high bets on high variance pokies or much higher bets on low variance pokies.

With high variance slots, you have a chance to hit a massive payout in one bonus round and call it a day.

With low variance pokies, you will need to play for a longer time on high bets, gradually increasing your balance.

Since you get frequent payouts the risk for your balance is a lot smaller.

If you’re playing with a bonus on high variance slots once you hit a big payout move to low variance slots on high bets.

This way you will wager your bonus and you will still keep most of your balance.

Small, frequent withdrawals

Making smaller, but frequent withdrawals at online casinos are much easier than aiming for the big payout.

Just put the match together. You deposit NZD 100 at some casino and make an NZD 200 withdrawal.

Repeat that 5 times a day and you end up with NZD 500 of pure profit. In my book that’s a good payday.

The only problem here is that most casinos require you to wager your initial deposit value at least 3 times before you can ask for a withdrawal.

But, there are also a number of casinos where you will need to wager the deposit only 1 time. So the strategy here is with low variance slots.

Again the math is simple.

  • You play the game on medium to high bets and see how it goes.
  • If you go up to NZD 50 you try another game.
  • Make another NZD 50 on that one and you already have your NZD 200.
  • If the 1-3 wager is met you can withdraw, if not try other low variance pokies.
  • The trick here is to limit your withdrawals to NZD 100.
  • If you end up with a balance of let’s say NZD 230 you can play those NZD 30 and maybe win more.

But if you lose them withdraw the NZD200 cash and try it again at another casino.

Control your gambling

The main thing to remember when playing online pokies is to control your gambling.

You can’t play with too many emotions. In the end, you’re playing at the casino to win money and nothing else.

You have to keep control over your gameplay. If you start losing one game move to another.

If you lose there as well there’s always another game.

The important thing is to learn your games, build your strategy and put it to the test. It’s also a good idea to test it first in fun play.

This strategy won’t work every time, but with some luck on your side, you have a chance to make a decent profit at the casinos.

Play in free mode

At most online casinos in NZ customers can try out online pokies in free mode.

This can be done just by visiting the online pokies page and clicking on the play for free button.

In this way, you can get to know how certain pokie game acts and what to expect.

By playing online pokies for free without real money involved you can learn and see if certain online pokie is worth your time.

demo mode to play pokies

Also, you can choose to play at online pokies with a no deposit free spins bonus offer.

In this way, you need to register and claim free spins on eligible games stated in bonus terms and conditions.

No deposit free spins pokies are gifts in return for registration at the online casino, and a deposit is not required.