How to ban yourself from all online casinos

Governments have lately taken measures in response to gaming and betting concerns. Some countries control gaming, while others have created sites that allow for the banning of gambling websites.

These tactics work as long as the consumers are willing to stop their gambling addiction.

Gambling blocking programs were also created in the United Kingdom with the purpose of reducing gambling-related damage in the nation.

When it comes to safeguarding players and encouraging responsible gambling, the United Kingdom is quite rigorous.

Different approaches are now available to prevent problem people from accessing their preferred platforms. Some are meant to prevent gambling transactions, while others enable gamers to self-exclude from their chosen websites.

If you have a problem with online gambling you may want to consider banning gambling websites.

How to ban yourself

Using the BetLocker application

Casino operators created and sponsored the BetBlocker app. To utilize BetBlocker, customers must first download the program on Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Mac devices.


Then they pick how long they wish to be banned for.

Users may prevent themselves from playing with their preferred gambling providers after installing the BetBlocker software.

BetBlocker has worked with more than 6,700 operators, so customers who want to be banned can choose from a large number of gaming sites to avoid.

Use of Gamstop

Gamstop was established in 2018. The company wants to help players who want to stop using gaming platforms by letting users put UK Gambling Commission-approved gambling sites on a “black list.”


The initial step for the gamers is to register at Gamstop then choose the time period for which they opt to be banned.

They may choose a term of 6 months, or even 5 years during which they will be unable to access their preferred sites.

This independent non-profit group has worked with a huge number of gambling websites. Additionally, legislation requiring all licensed online gaming sites to join Gamstop just went into play.

But there are still sites that are not affected by Gamstop and let people who have chosen to stay away from gambling.

The initiative was launched in 2019 to assist people who develop gambling issues by enabling them to self-exclude from legal and unregulated gaming platforms.

It was designed to decrease gambling harm and encourage responsible gambling.


It has been proven that Gamban is an efficient method for preventing gambling services.

GambleAware developed this mobile application in the year 2015.


Since GambleAware was established to provide funding for initiatives associated with gambling, the group also developed Gamban to provide assistance and support to people who struggle with issues linked to gaming.

In addition to working on Android and iOS, the program is also compatible with Windows and MacOS.

How to block casino adverts

Gamblock has been around since 2000, and it lets users block access to websites, ads, and promotions that have anything to do with gambling.


It is a simple tool that you can install on your phone or computer to prevent access to online gambling sites and mobile casinos.

Gamblock lacks a database, unlike other self-exclusion programs. Instead, powerful algorithms are used to identify and prevent gambling material. It may be used by players to restrict advertisements from independent gaming firms.

Gamblock is a self-contained, cross-platform piece of software that is meant to completely block access to online gambling sites and maybe even cure gambling addiction.

It is the ideal solution for problem gamblers who want to self-exclude from all online gaming sites. Even casual gamers, though, may need a vacation from gambling from time to time.

You may also utilize Gamblock as a parental control tool.

Recover from gambling problem

Many players can go on gambling without it being a problem, but other people develop a gambling addiction that may wreck their lives over time.

Because compulsive gambling is a progressive disorder, even if you’ve gambled in the past and been OK, a problem might arise later on.

The need to gamble may be overpowering, causing a person to lie, steal, spend their resources, and miss out on the rest of their life. Several indicators show when the normal pleasure of gaming becomes a problem.

The sooner the process is diagnosed, the higher the prospects of recovery.

Even though it’s hard to stop gambling too much, many people can manage their disease with help from experts.

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