Heart of Vegas – Casino slots app (Free 2 play)

The game began as just a single online slot game in 2013. Since then, it has become a full-blown free casino online. You will be thrilled that this app includes well-known Aristocrat slot game titles.

Heart of Vegas - Casino Slots
Heart of Vegas – Casino Slots

Moreover, it has unique features such as the high roller room, levelling, rewards, and a loyalty programme. Heart of Vegas has become very popular among social gaming apps.

Furthermore, it ranks highly in Facebook’s social gaming sector. You can play all its games on the Facebook app or by downloading the various dedicated apps depending on your mobile device.

Read more about Heart of Vegas below.

Where can I download Heart of Vegas?

You can play the game by downloading it from various App stores depending on your mobile devices

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You can still play the game through the Facebook app on your devices or online in your browser.

What can I do in Heart of Vegas?

The game is an app that has many well-known Aristocrat slot game titles. Moreover, you can have access to features such as a high roller room, levelling, rewards, and loyalty programmes.


As you log into the game, you come into the Lobby. This is the place where you will find the games menu.

Within the lobby, you can choose games from 4 different slot areas.

These include the jackpots, featured, all and high roller room menus. You can locate the games menu at the bottom of the screen.

Here is a list of all the things you can enjoy in Heart of Vegas.

Huge selection of slot games

You can choose from over 40 free slots such as Buffalo slots, Miss Kitty, More Chili, Sun & Moon, and more.

HEart of Vegas slots
Heart of Vegas slots

Moreover, you can play cult favourites like Queen of the Nile or explore more cutting-edge slots like the Walking Dead slot game.

You can access all free slot games immediately as there are no restrictions on them. However, you will need to reach level 12 to play games in the high roller room.

These games start with bets of one million and above. Although the bets are high, you will become eligible for the high-power super jackpot.

The higher you bet, the better will your chances be of winning.

These slot games come with features such as an auto-spin button so that you can play continuously without having to click on the spin button for each round.

You can also tap on a game title to view the game’s description and bet levels before starting the game. The game card will open up and show you all the available bet levels.


You will find all the missions available for you in the top left-hand corner.

As soon as you open the missions tab, you will see the missions available to you and the time left to complete these missions.

Bonuses & promotions

There are 2 ways to collect free coins within the game: The daily wheel and the hourly bonus.

Both these buttons are at the bottom of the screen in the lobby.

Bonuses and promotions

You can spin the daily wheel every day,and it comes with other bonuses such as cashback bonus, return days bonus, and my friends bonus.

These bonuses are explained in the following:

  • Cashback bonus is awarded based on your loyalty status.
  • Return days bonus is given based on the number of days in a row that you have returned to a particular game.
  • My friends bonus is based on the number of Facebook friends who also play Heart of Vegas.

The hourly bonus can be collected once every three hours.


Player’s World is the Heart of Vegas loyalty programme that automatically enrols every player.

There are 5 Player’s World tiers (in ascending order):

  1. Member
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Platinum

You can only progress through the tiers with your coin purchases. Therefore, your status rises by earning points with every purchase.

You will be able to earn more rewards as you move up the Player’s World tiers.


Heart of Vegas has a huge following on Facebook with more than 2.1 million followers.

Although Heart of Vegas no longer has a Twitter and YouTube profile, the Facebook page is very impressive with many people being active on the page.

You can find thousands of fans who frequently make comments and chat on Facebook.

Moreover, you can discuss your slots strategies and find out about all the latest promotions and bonuses.

Buying coins

You can buy coins using real money by clicking on the SHOP button that is just next to your balance.

When you buy coins, there is a special feature that will multiply your coins.

This feature is a multiplier wheel.

Nevertheless, you will have to buy the multiplier spin separately.

The wheel gives you the chance to multiply your initial coin purchase by up to 10 times.

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How is Heart of Vegas different from other games?

It is a full online slot casino featuring more than 40 titles. Furthermore, you can try out mini-games like board games, lottery, bingo and matching pairs.

Are the games free-play on Heart of Vegas?

Yes, all the games are free-play. However, you need to buy coins to speed up the time taken to move up in your loyalty tier.

Where can I download Heart of Vegas?

Depending on your mobile device, you can download the game on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon App store.