Golden Tiger Slot – Casino Slot app (Free 2 play)

This International Games System Co., Ltd. game has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times! 

Golden Tiger is a modern-looking game with a classic touch involving the world’s most powerful beasts.

Golden Tiger Slot
Golden Tiger Slot

The game’s theme appeals to everyone, especially those who like pretty graphics, even in simple games.

The game is a 3 reel slot with 5 paylines. Moreover, you can activate all of them while playing, getting a max payout of 10,000 coins, 1000x more than the original stake.

The RTP of the game is 95.95% which is slightly below average. Moreover, it is a medium volatility game.

There is also a demo option with which you can try the game first. This way, you can first see if the game matches your tastes.

Where can I download the Golden Tiger slot?

The game is downloadable on various platforms.

Download golden tiger
Download Golden Tiger Slot app
  • For Android devices, the game is available in Google Play Store. And for iOS devices, the game is available from the Apple Store. Users of these devices can easily download this game from their respective stores.
  • The game is also available on Windows. Users can download it on their PC and enjoy it. They can also play it on the browser.

How to play the Golden Tiger slot?

The slot game is in the classic format, so the gameplay is pretty straightforward. Follow this guide to learn to play the game.

  • Set your gaming budget. This will allow you to see how your funds play out during the game. And you’ll learn from there, even if you are playing in the demo.
  • For a medium volatility game like Golden Tiger, splitting your bankroll is a good idea. This will give you plenty of opportunities to win.
  • Set your bet amount through the coin icon.
  • Click on the spin button to get the game started.
  • The game also features an autoplay button that allows you to access multiple auto spins.

Theme and design

The design of the Golden Tiger game is a combination of traditional and modern styles.

Therefore, this game has nothing complicated, making it more attractive to beginners and new players.

The game has a Chinese theme with four tigers in its symbols, including the red, green, blue, and golden tigers.

Here the tiger represents courage, willpower, and strength. Similarly, many other themed slot games have powerful animals in their themes.

Furthermore, the design quality of the game is better than the usual fruit theme in slot games.

Features of the Golden Tiger Slot

Coin values at Golden Tiger range from 0.01 to 1.00. You are required to play two coins each on the 5 paylines.

Consequently, this gives you a betting range from 0.10 to 10.00 on each spin.

The prizes are shown as multiples of the coin values. You have to land three matching symbols to win a cash prize.

Golden Tiger is different from other slot games because it doesn’t have many features like free spins and wild cards.

There is the Golden tiger collection feature that gives out the double payout. It has a simple stacked win feature. This bonus feature is activated only when you manage to land all 9 reels.

The game also has a spin the wheel bonus feature that also works in a slightly different way.

The left-hand wheel depending on the pointer gives a standard payout. However, the right-hand wheel boosts the payout with a multiplier of up to 10x.

Golden tiger slots give players a chance to win 1000 times their original stake.

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Is the game free-play or buy-in?

The game is free 2 play.

What is the goal of the game?

Like other slot games, the game’s goal is to land the reels on the paylines and get the biggest payout possible.

In Golden Tiger, there are single, double, treble coins, a gold pot, and a money wallet, and they are joined by different symbols of tigers.

The golden tiger is the best paying symbol. The goal is to fill the reels with Golden Tigers and activate the Golden Tiger collection feature to get a 10x multiplier.

Where can I download the Golden Tiger slot?

It depends on your device. Moreover, it is available on Google Play Store, Apple Play Store, steam, and Amazon. You can download from these sources according to your device.

Is the Golden Tiger slot one of the best new online slots?

Yes, Golden Tiger is one of the best new online slots.

The theme has a touch of old-school slots and modern slots, while the play stacked symbols and the Golden Tiger collect feature makes the game more exciting.