New lightning Baccarat expanding Evolution’s award-winning lighting portfolio

Evolution Gaming, a leading provider for live casino solutions, introduced the exclusive game with the latest technology, Lightning Baccarat to its achievement award-winning Lightning collection.

This new Lightning Baccarat game, which again integrates live play to high-paying RNG multipliers, was part of Evolution’s side-up of recent releases for ICE 2020, which is a fantastic new take on classic Baccarat.

lightning Baccarat

In the same portfolio as prize-winning Lightning Roulette, the new baccarat is supercharged with “RNG-based Lightning Cards” multipliers in each round.

Lighting Baccarat crackles with new lighting and sound effects, leading to a genuinely electrifying game experience for the players.

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Lightning Baccarat – what to expect?

The live Lightning Baccarat looks more than any other Baccarat player had ever seen before.

Set in such an eye-catching black or gold Art Deco display-style set, it is as visually stunning as most of our Lightning titles.

  • Lightning Baccarat often brings high-paying RNG gains to the already broad appeal of Asia’s favourite casino table match.
  • Teams bet upon Player, Banker, Tie as well as side big bets, as just as they bet money on regular daily Baccarat.
  • Lightning Baccarat also often features live gambling statistics and even a selection of roads, rendering it as exciting for seasoned players as it was for new players.
  • Since there is a possibility for dramatically compounded winnings throughout Lightning Baccarat, the 20% Lightning Fee applied for each player’s overall bet, and that is evident throughout the user interface of a game.

Lucky lightning cards or lucky payout multipliers 

In Lightning Baccarat, each round showcases 1 to 5 procedurally generated Lightning Cards taken from either a virtual 52-card deck.

Lucky lightning cards at baccarat
  • But the multipliers could go a lot beyond that!
  • For three identical Lightning Cards throughout the winning hand, its cumulative losses could be compounded as much by 8x8x8 (512x)
  • Much more thrilling, a winning bet on the Tie of six corresponding Lightning Cards will result in such a 262,144x.
  • In reality, winnings can continue to multiply up to a total of € 500,000 and about the player’s bet!
  • Unless the player wins on even a hand and also has one or even more matching Lightning Cards, the payouts will be multiplied appropriately (as well from 2x to 8x)

Lightning baccarat: How it works?

Such as in the traditional Live Baccarat, players attempt to guess which hand, Player, or even Banker, should gain by providing an interest.

  • Like standard Baccarat, nevertheless, after betting time, the Lightning Round starts, and the lightning impact hits between one as well as five random Lighting Cards.
  • All of these cards have an immediate random variable. Games must compare one of the winning cards to something like a Lightning Card to earn 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 8x multiplier payments.

Released on laptop, mobile, and mobile, Lightning Baccarat was the third game throughout the Evolution Lightning series.

  • That follows a massive success with Lightning Roulette, that won 3 Game of the Year prizes in 2018, and also the 2019-launched Lighting Dice, the highly interactive live dealer’s game wherein the dice come back down the translucent Lightning Tower.
  • Both games in the Lightning series placed in a beautiful black and gold Deco world. They include occasional bursts of Lightning throughout the UI to indicate their high-paying RNG multipliers.

“Two years earlier, they released the prize-winning Lightning Roulette, which became one of the best games in the history of the company. We followed up with Lightning Roller, which was also quite successful.”

Todd Haushalter, Chief Marketing Officer for Evolution.
Todd Haushalter

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Where to play the new Lighting Baccarat?

The new Lightning Baccarat will be available at all online casinos that have Evolution Gaming as their game provider. Lighting Baccarat is a live casino game where players will be able to play only for real money against real live dealers.

On our website, we have created a page exclusively for Evolution gaming where we have listed all reliable and reviewed online casinos that support Evolution games. Click on the link below and find out more.

If you want to test a new Lighting Baccarat game, you should definitely check out our list of the Evolution Gaming casinos, where all listed live casinos have this new game in their portfolio!

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