Dual Play from Evolution for Baccarat and Roulette brings together land-based casinos and online casinos!

In Dual Play, Evolution has used its long history of live streaming casino games to bring together the offline and online worlds.

Dual Play
Dual Play

This is the perfect convergence of land-based gameplay and online participation.

Casinos can now broadcast live games from their own tables.

The result is that online players can join the games and place bets in the same way as land-based players.

What is Dual Play?

Anyone who is familiar with the world of online live dealer casino games will know the name Evolution. They pioneered the field of studio-based live casino games.

Over the past twenty years, they have become the leading B2B provider of live casino systems.

This means that they have studios around the world that broadcast live table games. Consequently, players online can join these games and participate as if they were at a real casino table.

Dual Play is the next logical step for Evolution, taking the action from a live studio to the casino itself. Evolution has developed the equipment to broadcast games from actual land-based casino tables.

Duel play live casino

They provide all the equipment and expertise necessary to bring together casino players and online players.

The system includes the choice of cameras, rigs, setup of camera angles, and shot sequencing. Each casino can tailor this bespoke system to its needs.

With Dual Play technology, online players can join these table games from anywhere.

They no longer have to be in a casino to enjoy the excitement of being there in person. This technology allows them to join actual games in real time.

They can use any device, from their smartphone to laptops or tablets. Optimised to run smoothly on most modern devices, the Dual Play system provides an excellent gameplay experience.

Dual Play games

Evolution has begun its Dual Play offering with two of the most popular table games, Baccarat and Roulette. These are classic games, both on and offline.

Evolution already has many versions of these games in their live dealer studios. Therefore, they felt these games were a natural fit for this technology.

Hexagon play
Dual Play and Baccarat
This classic card game is perfect for Dual Play. The rules of the game are easy to follow and placing a bet is straightforward.

The player bets on whether the ‘banker’ or the ‘player’ will get the highest score, or if it will be a draw.

Dual Play allows online players to see the cards in the same way as the land-based casino players.

There are an unlimited number of seats at the online table, so any number of players can join in.
Dual Play Roulette
Dual Play and Roulette
In the same way that Baccarat suits Dual Play, Roulette is also a classic table game, which already has a big live dealer following. However, this is not a card game.

Roulette is based on a spinning wheel with numbered pockets. The player bets on which number, colour, or both the ball will drop into when the wheel stops spinning.

There are different bets that can be made, for example, the player can predict the exact number, or that the ball will fall into a red pocket, or it will fall into one of a group of four numbers, and so on.

Roulette is an exciting and fast-moving game, so players need to think quickly to make the most of it.

Dual Play allows the casino to bring online players into the action to experience the atmosphere at the table.

The B2B and B2C solutions

This system is designed to combine Evolution’s B2B and B2C solutions. B2C (Business to Consumer) is the first aspect of the system.

The casino, the Business, uses Dual Play to open up its tables to players, the Consumers, online. It can roll this out across as many land-based businesses as it wishes.

Casinos can choose to use the B2B (Business 2 Business) model.

Here, they allow third parties, like other New Zealand online casinos, to participate in their table games. In many ways, this is what Evolution already does.

They broadcast their live dealer games from their studios to online casinos.

However, in the Dual Play model, they are no longer restricted to studios. They bring the online player right into the heart of the action, into a real casino.

Final Thoughts

Dual Play promises to be a ground-breaking system from Evolution. It capitalises on the live broadcasts that they already do so well and extends it into the casinos themselves.

Online players get all the convenience of betting remotely, but don’t lose out on the excitement, interaction and fun.

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