Teen Patti (Indian Flush)

Commonly known also as Indian Flush or Indian poker, Teen Patti is an Indian card game that is playable at a casino using a traditional deck of cards.

Teen Pati from Evoplay
Teen Patti from Evoplay

The goal of this game is to produce the highest-ranking combo using just three cards. The aim is also to maximize the prize pool in order to win.

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How to play step by step

  1. The game starts when all the participants make an initial wager in the boot or reward pot.
  2. After the players have put their first stake down, the dealer hands three cards to the players one by one, face down.
  3. You can choose to play as seen or blind. When you choose ‘seen,’ you get to see your cards. However, when you play blind, you won’t see your cards as they stay face down.
  4. If you start with blind, you can choose to see the cards later in the game and play as a seen player from then on.
  5. The game goes on until there is just one player at the table. Or until two parties remain at the tables and one of them turns the cards face up for a show.
  6. The hand with the highest-ranking combination wins. When there is a tie, the party that called for a show loses.

Teen Patti rules

In Teen Patti before wagering, the current bet is the ante equivalent. When the blind player wagers, the existing stake is increased by the amount of the blind player’s wager.

For instance, if a player who plays blind wagers one, then the current stake equals one.

Bet in Teen Patti
Bet in Teen Patti

When a seen player places a wager, the existing stake is reduced by half of the amount wagered. For instance, if the seen player wagers two, the current bet is one.

If all players except one fold, the remaining player wins the middle prize.

The last card reveals at the end of a round is only possible if all but two parties have dropped out.

The value of a show for a blind player is the current bet made into the pot. Players can’t request a show if they are the seen player, and the opponent is playing blind.

Win in Teen Patti
Win in Teen Patti

The only options for the seen player are to continue betting or to withdraw. If both contestants play as seen players, each one may double the current bet for a show.

Alternatively, if both players have identical hands after a show, the player that didn’t request a show wins.

When more than two participants remain in a round and all players are ‘seen’, a sideshow may be requested.

Immediately after placing the minimum stake, a player may request a sideshow from the player who placed it immediately before them.

The requested player may either accept or decline. If they accept, then the two parties review their cards in secret.

Card ranking

A rank of 2 is the lowest possible score, with Aces being the best possible score.

The aim of the game is to improve one’s three-card hand and win the prize before the round is over.

The following is a ranking of the cards, from best to worst:

Trail/SetThere are three cards that are all of similar rank. The best possible hand is three aces, while the worst possible hand is three twos.
The straight flush or pure sequenceThis is three identical cards of the same suit in a row.
Sequence/runThree consecutive cards that are not all the same suit form a sequence, often known as a run.
ColourThree cards of a similar suit, but not in any order.
PairThe winner of a competition between two pairs is the one with a higher total value. If each pair has an identical value, the winner will be determined by the card that serves as the kicker.
High cardThis refers to when the three cards do not form a sequence, when not all the cards are of the same suit, and no two of the cards have a similar value.


Is there any strategy to use to win in the game of Teen Patti?

Yes. Playing blind, beginning with small bets, practising, and not allowing the opponents to predict your moves.

How many playing cards are there in total?

Teen Patti has a deck of 52 cards, excluding jokers.

How many people can play Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a card game where three to six people can play with a deck of 52 cards.