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kiwi playing progressive jackpotsPokie games in the casino or online casinos is fun and enjoyable. It is exciting for many Kiwis to watch the reels spin and around and around in the console. It is even more exciting for the player to win the jackpot from that machine. Many pokie games can be played throughout the world like New Zealand to the United States when a player hit a jackpot that is satisfying. Well, there are two different kinds of jackpots following two different kinds of slots. There are the progressive pokies and the set pokies machine. Today we are going to learn you all about the progressive pokies.

Best progressive jackpots NZ pokie games

How do progressive jackpots work?

A progressive slot machine is when the machine offers millions of dollars regularly. These machines also include the winning jackpots. The progressive slot jackpot grows every time a bet is made and not won.

Progressive jackpots are the loss equals the growth of the jackpots. There isn’t a limit to how much a player can win, the jackpots can be around a million dollars, and the player can win it on twenty-five cents.

That is if luck is with them, of course.

Keep in mind that progressive pokie machines are less likely to payout with such a large and ever-growing pool of money.

Advantages of progressive jackpots

The many advantages of progressive jackpots are the limit is limitless. It will just grow, grow, and grow until the winner is established.

Another great thing about this form of pokie slots with ever-growing jackpots is that the risk isn’t detrimental to losing money and damaging the bank account.

The casino attendees can enjoy some fun with losing a lot.

The odds are equal between everyone who plays, whether it is in New Zealand or some other place of reference.

Collect the NZ progressive jackpots bonus

You can collect welcome bonuses and free spins, and you can use them in certain jackpot pokies machine.

That is a great advantage because we can spin the reels without out in our money.

Be aware that every bonus comes with the wagering requirements.

The more wagering requirements are smaller you have bigger odds to easier withdraw your winnings.

Progressive jackpots bonuses happen when the paid spin is over. The bonuses for the jackpots come in the form of a game.

The bonus round would include four prize pools that the player could win.

The bonus section would either have a section where the casino player press or spin to see what kind of bonus they would obtain.

The chances of winning can go from small to the most significant progressive pool.

What about house edge & odds?

The odds of getting the progressive jackpots on the pokie slot games well it can vary from the games the casino has, the jackpots presented, the popularity, and one’s luck.

If a game has RTP (Return to Player) close to 100 percent at the beginning of the jack and said, the jackpot grows the RTP grows as well.

Remember, most pokie games would have a starting jackpot between 5 to 10 thousand dollars.

Players, current and new have to take into account that slot games with a jackpot or a progressive jackpot that everything is RNG (Random Number Generator) with these machines.

The odds of gaining anything is 1 to 250,000.

With the RNG of these games, the house edge is not inputted into these games, this way making everything fair when a new player create a spin on the reels.

Depending on the region the slots are in or shown on, like a New Zealand Casino, the payouts can differ because of currency.

The house edge for New Zealand casinos can also vary or be altered based on the legitimacy of the progressive slot machines winnings.

Players would need to check the online casino or casino to ensure fair play on the slots.

hit the jackpot

History of progressive jackpots in New Zealand

Progressive Jackpots, the pokie slot games with growing money pot, was first invented in March 1986. International Game Technology created this pokie slot game variant (IGT).

The most significant difference between pools that aren’t progressive slot games and the progressive jackpots slot games is that the amount of the jackpots rises with each new play made on it.

The first of its kind was Megabucks all the slot machines were connected by modem technology. These machines were only in the United States at the time.

The jackpots were first funded with 1 million dollars, but the rest was up to the players to help it progress. The first player to win at these games earned hit the jackpots of $4,988,842.17 on February 1, 1987, in Reno.

These progressive pokie slot machines went through years of just being local, but now they have expanded from the States to places like Europe, Canada, New Zealand, and other Eastern locations.

IGT was the pioneer with progressive jackpots and pokie slot machines to where other companies began to manufacture their pokie slot machines with progressive jackpots.

Many winners played these slot machines to earn a substantial amount of money. These progressive pokie machines made around 250 people were made millionaires just by making a hit.

With how the jackpot is progressive with each pokie machine, it is said that with every dollar, ten percent of is added to the jackpots.

With every win made on this through the initial jackpot returns to its starting point to regrow again. There is a chance for slot players to win either the primary jackpot or the secondary jackpot.

The progressive primary jackpot is displayed on the main screen of the machines. The secondary progressive jackpots are shown on a much smaller screen, usually at the bottom of the machine.

The primary is larger than the secondary jackpot. The beautiful part, the engineers and creators of progressive jackpots, set the value smaller, thus allowing more wins on the secondary than the primary.

In some casinos, the games could have three or four pools one can win.


The Stand Alone Progressive Machine: The stand-alone progressive machine shows the jackpots that are set to a specific jackpot prize pool.

The In-House or Proprietary Progressive Machines: The In-House or Proprietary Progressive Machines have progressive jackpots that are hit more often than widespread progressive jackpots machine.

The Wide Area Progressive Machines: The Wide Area Progressive Machines is another variant that gives out amounts around the millions and is linked to different casinos with a lesser chance of winning.

Credits: Credits is the conversion of the money when it is entered into the machine.

Five Liner: A five liner is when the slot machine has three reels with five payout lines.

Line Bet: A line bet is referring to the active pay lines on a multiple [ayou line in the slot machine.

Primary Jackpot: The primary jackpot is the largest prize pool to payout on the slot machine that was played.

Second Screen Bonus: Second Screen Bonus is when a winning combination active the bonus features on specific machines.

Payout: Payout is the winning combination on the slots.

Jackpot: A jackpot is when the slot machine pays the player the top prize out of the prize pool.

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