Northern Sky


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Northern Sky review

Northern Sky is an online casino slot game that is based on the fictional northern Scandinavian location. The animals that are used in the game represents a more significant win.

The Golden Deer is the top animal that players would try to aim to earn the prize.

The game was developed by the Swedish company Quick Spin. The games have two significant features. It has the free spins bonus game and the respin feature.

How to play Nothern Sky?

Playing North Sky is almost like any other slot game. It would come to different prize pools and jackpots.

Some of the difference with the game is also the max betting lines and minimum bet lines. The slot machine is 5×3 with nine pay lines.

The lowest wager that can be made is 0.10 per spin and the max bet 100.00 per spin.

If the player would like to adjust their chances, they can do so by clicking the up or down arrows to increase or decrease the bets.

When participating in the online machine at times, a bonus is triggered after the combination of symbols is met. The current spin would freeze then respin up to use.

The more the combination requirements are met, the more the player can gain with the re-spin activation. The respin feature is a way to earn more free spins along with the playtime.

Northern Sky Features

Respins is a feature that is apart of Northern Sky. The feature presents a chance to earn big during the time the respin is active.

The re-spin is only playable when the player manages to hit the required combination of symbols.

The symbols then stay put and payout. The more the combinations are matched, the payout would steadily grow.

The symbols either have to complete the reel or adds to the winning line. If all that is met, the respin feature would pay again and repeat the spin.

If the player does not reach another combination, the feature will payout for the last time and end, all natural spins would continue as followed.

Free Spins

Free spins occur when the three bonus scatter the player obtains symbols. It would have to happen during a single round of the game.

The bonus meter feature on the game would show the symbols the player has collected so far. The only to obtain the free spins, however, is when the high paying animals are collected.

Northern Sky features provide an excellent and healthy return to pay (RTP) for the players. The RTP is around 96.57 percent. Quickspin features are primarily unique to their games.


Casinos slot games – local or online – are great fun and also could give the player a balanced learning experience. Games with different or unique features or bonuses are something for players to stay aware.

Quickspin Northern Sky min and max wagering system may seem a bit off but with such a positive way to earn money back, spending ten cents to hundred dollars isn’t so bad.

Northern Sky features are exciting to say when it comes to getting free spins and re-spins. If a player is fortunate, they could just run on re-spins for a while.

The free spin feature is also nice because of it able to be used along with the re-spin. Both of these are dependent on collecting animal symbols.

It is a fun little game to pass the time and hopefully win some money.

Rating: 5 - 4 votes

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