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kiwi as a affiliate partnerIf you are looking for one of the most effective ways to promote a gambling site, affiliate programs are a proven way to earn extra income through your website. Many studies have been done on its effectiveness in reaching a large-scale market that may be interested in playing online casino games for either real cash or gaming credits.

According to us, the online casino industry is a definitively the niche in an affiliate that with fun can bring you and big profit. In this article, we are going to show you the most important details about casino affiliates and recommend the best and most reliable affiliate partners.

About casino affiliate

A casino that runs online draws up contracts with various affiliate partners. There are a few ways to market the gambling site.

An affiliate gives its client base links to the casinos on their personal or business pages is one way.

Another is through as placement strategically placed on the partner website in locations customers are most likely to click on.

These ads are fit on the page using generally HTML code or another type of script.

Recommended affiliates programs

How does a casino affiliate program work?

how affiliate worksCustomers of the marketing affiliate site who click on the link or advertisement, are automatically taken to the gambling site of choice. When they start to play, the affiliate starts to gain a percentage of a set rate of the customer’s usage in liquid assets given by the gambling company for providing them with the new business.

The partnering casino site gives money to the affiliate based on the level of activity shown by the player. It is along the lines of the pay to play apps. An app will pay you to play one if it’s partner apps for a certain amount of time. They are similar concepts however in that an affiliate or partner hooks up the connection to the game to the player.

Gambling sites get traffic know as inbound. The affiliates get paid generally only if the individual who visits the website starts to play. It is not generally paid per click advertising, which only involves clicking and staying on the site a certain amount of time.

Choosing the best affiliate programs: Tips!

So how does one choose the best affiliate gambling program? You want to look at a few different factors.

We will give you five factors to check out if you’re interested in the best gambling affiliate programs.

  • Big Commissions For the Affiliate: You want to get paid as much as possible so do your research on gambling affiliate networks and see who has the largest commission rates per individual converted from a visitor to a regular player. You want to make sure the ad space that is used and link placement is marketable. All space on the internet is worth something to somebody. Compare programs and find one that has the fairest commission rates.
  • Reputation to Pay: Another factor is making sure the network of affiliates that you join has a high-level reputation on the world-wide-web for being a reputable company. It doesn’t matter how high the commission is if you do not get paid at all or scammed. Do Google and Bing search on affiliate programs to see who actually pays.
  • Do they Offer Recurring Commissions: Do you get a commission from one person playing on a gambling site one time? Are there options where each time they visit you get a recurring commission? That is something to look at. Multiple time visitors to your site may use that link multiple times. You want an affiliate program that is going to pay you for the usage of that regular link to their online casino.
  • Bonuses for Positive Results: If you can find a really high-quality casino affiliate program, you may get incentives that come with giving them the customers that they so want. Some bonuses could possibly be something like getting a higher percentage for every 20 people you promote to gamble. This would certainly give you an incentive to promote a business much more effectively.
  • Is there good contact methods for the Affiliate Company: We all want to get a hold of our business partners in a way that is the least difficult. Affiliate Programs should work the same way. Look and see if there a chat agent on the site, or a phone number for support. If they just have an email that may take 3 days to answer, it might be best to move on to another marketing company to work with.

What do you need to become a successful affiliate partner?

  • You will need a way to market to your regular visitors to whatever site you are promoting.
  • Get space to advertise and the type of client that would be interested in converting to being an active casino site user.
  • You have to have the right type of website, possibly one that attracts all sorts of visitors from all ethnicities and age ranges.
  • If you have a home and garden site, for example, your chances of promoting a gambling site are not going to be as effective as say a news tabloid site or one for reviewing games.
  • It’s all about your audience.

Partner program requirements

kiwi becoming an affiliateAn affiliate is also known as a partner in another sense of the word.

These partners work on marketing and creating engaging links to different online casinos.

They do the calculations carefully and take many factors into consideration when using marketing strategies.

Some of these activities that are being monitored are:

  • Playing habits of the person.
  • Betting patterns.
  • How to turn a free player into a paid player with epic deals for first-time buyers.
  • Finding out which rewards would be most wanted by specific players.
  • Keeping deals going for regular pay to play gamblers.

Types of Payment Arrangements

There are usually three types of payment schemes that affiliate marketing companies offer.

  • Binary Affiliation: This concept also pays you for bringing in a player but also for each lost they take. You get paid when they lose a bet. A player brings a bonus to the affiliate marketer each time they lose.
  • Multilevel Affiliate: You get paid Commission by the players that you bring him but also by the players that they bring in. It is a level above binary affiliation. So each friend from a friend gets you paid and you get a percentage of their playing habits.
  • Unilevel: A partner only gets a commission when they bring in a new casino player themselves personally. Each person is the equivalent of a direct-sale basically. If they bring on another person, then they get another commission. It’s on a person by person basis.

Sub-affiliate networks

When looking at another part of affiliate marketing for casinos, one must learn also about Sub-Affiliate networks.

They are completely separate from an affiliate network but also offer to monetize their websites by offering space for publishers to help make money on their website.

How they do this is register with an affiliate network as a regular affiliate and then get publishers to do the marketing for them who are not registered as affiliates.


Affiliate marketing for casinos may be a profitable way to make some passive income that streams in with the proper affiliate network and marketing techniques.

Make sure you have a reputable network with a target marketing base of potential gamblers streaming through your site.

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