Slide 5

Are you looking for a card game with little strategy but based on card draw luck, then Slide 5 ad one of the most played card games will be a good choice.

On the playing surface, players line up their cards to build “hills”. This process continues until the sixth card is placed on the “hill” which will cause an “Avalanche”. The player on the next turn must take all the cards and leave the sixth card, which will be the starting card for the new hill.

Slide 5 cards
Slide 5 cards

Learning the rules of this card game is easy. If you’re looking to score great during game night, have a look at our ultimate guide to playing this game.

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Slide 5 rules

The goal of the Slide 5 card game is to have the lowest score after all the 10 rounds have been played.

The number of skiers on each card determines the score.

One skier is equal to one score.

Different cards have different skier numbers.

Special cards are used to play the game, where each deck comes with 104 cards. This card game can remind you at Skip-Bo or UNO card game.

The maximum number of players allowed is 10 for each round.

Scores are calculated after all the rounds have been played and a winner declared.

When players begin playing, these rules apply.

How to play Slide 5 card game

To begin gameplay

Shuffle and deal cards
Like all card games, shuffle the card before beginning. Deal 10 cards to each player in the game.
Remaining cards
Pick four cards from the top of the remaining cards and put them face up. Arrange them horizontally on the table. These will act as the starting cards for each row. The rest of the deck is put away.
Start of the game
For round one, players pick a card from their 10 cards and place it on the table face down. They then reveal the cards simultaneously.
Player who has the lowest card number plays first. They place their card next to the card closest in value to form a row. The next player does the same until the first round is over.
The goal of the game
The goal is to have the least score in each round and consequently the least score in the end. The score from cards picked by the player and set aside for instance during an avalanche.
The winner
This is the player who has the least score over after all the rounds.

Firstly, the player with the lowest card always plays first.

The drawn card’s value should be higher than the card on the right side of that row.

However, if the card can be played on two rows then a player will choose the row where the difference between the last card and the drawn card is smallest.

When a player’s only option is to add a card to a row that has five cards already then this causes an ‘avalanche’ and the player has to pick all the five cards.

This will then be added to the player’s hand and his drawn card will start a new row.

In case a player draws a card that has a value lower than all the cards in the row, then they will have to choose a row where they pick all the cards.

Slide 5 card game
Special cards are used for playing Slide 5 card game.

The player is at liberty to choose any row.

In this case, the row with the least number of skiers is the most suitable one.

The drawn card then will be used to start a new row.

Optional rules

The game comes with an optional rule where players use the number of cards depending on the number of players. In this case, 5 players will only use 54 cards.

The players can use the first half of the deck or the second deck. This improves the chances as players have an idea of the cards in their deck.

The theme of the card having skiers is not relevant. Probably relevant in creating the title of the game.


How many players can play Slide 5 card game?

The number can range from 2 to a maximum of 10 players.

Is the score value the same on all the cards?

No, different cards have the different number of skiers who determine the score value of the card. A card with 5 skiers for instance, has a score value of 5. Doubles and multiples of 5 have more skiers. For example card 55 has 5 skiers being a double and multiple of 5.

How long does it take to play Slide 5 card game.

A single round usually last for 20-30 minutes.