If you are looking for a game that requires a little strategy while playing, then look no further than Coloretto, one of the best card games ever.

For this game, players have to be aware of what their opponents need and work hard to deprive them of a good row while creating an enticing row for themselves.

Coloretto card game deck
To play Coloretto you have to buy special playing cards.

Score big during the game night by reading our guide on how to play the Coloretto card game.

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The goal of the game

The goal of this game is to specialize in 3 cards in your stack.

The rest of the cards will earn you negative points.

A maximum of 5 players are allowed for this game.

However, for 3 players one colour has to be removed from the deck.

A deck has 90 playing cards of which;

  • 63 are coloured cards.
  • There are 7 colours each having 9 cards
  • 10 ‘+2’ cards to earn you two points
  • 3 jokers
  • 1 last round card
  • 5 brown row cards
  • 5 summary cards with a different scoring system
  • 3 green row cards

How to play Colorreto card game

To begin learning and playing the Colloreto card game please follow the following rules:

Deal the cards
For a game of 3 players remove one colour from the deck. Then deal a card to each player. Each player must receive a different coloured card.
Shuffle the cards
Shuffle the remaining cards and then count 15 cards and place a last round card to symbolize the end of round 1.
Remaining cards
The remaining cards will be placed on the table for players to pick them during game play. The cards are placed face down only to be revealed when placed against the brown row cards.
Start of the game
At the start of the game, place 3 brown row cards on the table where each player will place the card they draw from the deck.
First moves
Players decide who plays first randomly. First player draws a card from the deck and places it against any brown row card. The next player does the same until the first round is over. Usually after 15 cards have been played.
Each time a player has the chance to play they can either draw a card from the deck and place it against a brown row card. Or, they can pick an entire row of cards plus the brown row card and place them in their stack. However, when all the rows are full of 3 cards, players have no option but to pick the entire row
The goal of the game
The goal is to specialize on 3 cards in your stack. The other colours picked will earn you negative points. During gameplay the goal is to ensure you make the cards more favourable for you and less favourable to other players.
The winner
The player who has the most points earned. Points will be calculated according to the summary cards instructions.

Few hints

The rules of this game are easy. When a player has the chance to play they can either choose to draw a card from the deck.

Or, pick a row plus the brown row card and place it in their stack. For brown row cards, players can only place a maximum of 3 cards.

Nonetheless, for green cards players have to place the number of cards indicated on the card.

A round ends after 15 cards have been played.

When a round ends, the player who took the last row begins the new round.

This goes on until the last round when players compute the score.

When calculating the score, identify the 3 most common cards and compute the positive points gathered. The rest of the cards earn the player negative points.

The scoring system is agreed synonymously by the players.

For two players, 2 coloured cards have to be removed from the deck. The green row cards are preferred in this case.


What is the maximum number of player allowed?

The maximum number of players allowed is 5. For 3 players remove 1 coloured card from the deck while for 2 players remove 2 coloured cards from the deck.

How is the scoring system decided?

Well, this wholly depending on the players. The have to decide synonymously whether to use the brown or grey scoring system.

How many cards are in the deck?

A Coloretto uses a special card deck that has 90 cards. Coloretto deck can be purchased in local traffic stores, libraries or you can buy it online.