Cassino is the simplest fishing game to have become famous in English-spoken nations. It originated in Italy, however, there is no actual proof of it having been played there.

Cassino cards

The game was firstly introduced in England in the 1790s, and since then there has been a dispute about the correct spelling of the name- it was originally called casino, but was later amended to cassino.

Usually, two to four players play this game. In a four-player game, there is an option to partner up.

Players play with a standard 52-card deck without a joker card, and the basic objective of the game is to capture the cards and gain points.

So, how to play this cassino card game?

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How to play the card game Cassino

This game contains the following methods:

Also here is a great video tutorial on Youtube that you can watch to learn how to play Cassino!

The deal (Setting up the game)

Two to four people can play this game. The players usually sit down across from the dealer, except when they are gambling in teams.

It’s important to ensure the dealer shuffles the playing cards well before dealing.

Now, deal the two cards to every player except the dealer. The dealer then places two face-up cards in the middle of the desk, and is themselves given two face-down cards, which they can use to play.

The last step is to pass 2 more cards to everyone including the dealer.

This continues until players play all fifty-two cards, following the playing and scoring of the last hand.

The play

The game starts with the player sitting left to the dealer and it continues clockwise. Every player makes a play with one card from their hand and tries to capture playing cards as much as they can.

If you capture a card and place it face-down in front of you, it will be counted in the last. Capturing of cards can be done as follows:

  1. If you have the same number card as one on the table, you can capture it by putting your card face-up on top
  2. You can also win more than one card by using the card whose value is equal to adding both cards which are placed on the desk.
  3. If you want to capture the face cards (which are king, queen and jack) match the face cards of the same rank. But if there are two or more face cards on the desk you can only capture one by your card.
  4. If you don’t have any cards to play you have to put one of your cards face-up to the desk. This is known as trailing.

Forming the build

You can also create a build in this game. For that, you have to place your card on the card which is laid on the table.

If the card which is on the table is 2 and you put 6 number cards on that, then the build will be known as 8-build.

There are two varieties of builds: single builds and multiple builds concerning the number of cards.

Capturing the build

You cannot capture the build on the turn it is made. For capturing the build, you must have a card whose value is equal to the value of the build.

If there is a build that you have created and it’s your turn now, you can now only add to the build, capture or create another build, you cannot just trail your card in this situation.

Adding in the build

There are two ways for this, which are:

  1. As long as you also hold a card that will capture the newly added build, you are allowed to add a card to a single build in order to increase the number of captures. Additionally, if the cards in the table are equivalent to the updated capturing number, you may add more cards to the build at the same time. The build will multiply in this situation. A single build’s value can never be altered with a card from the table.
  2. If you have a card in your hand that can capture the combined build, you may add to any build, either multiple or single, by playing a card that equals the build’s current capture number.


The team or person with the most points will win the round depending on the cards they win.

  • A person has the most cards: 3 points
  • The person has the most spades: 1 Point
  • Ace: 1 Point
  • Big cassino or Good ten is when you have 10 diamonds: 2 Points
  • Little Cassino or Good two is when you have 2 Spades: 1 Point

The person or team who gains 21 or more points will win the game. But if there is a tie the game repeats in the second round.


How much are 2 spades in the cassino?

In case you have scored the most spades it will be 1 point.

And if you have two spades it will also be called little cassino which is also 1 point.

What is a card game that has a “big cassino” and “little cassino card”?

This is the card game, called Cassino!

Can i play Cassino online for free?

Yes there is an app called Cassino at Google play store that you can download and play for free.