Blacklisted New Zealand casinos

Online casinos get blacklisted when they are not operating in a manner that is either legal or ethical. These casinos often offer terrible bonuses, do not follow through on their promises, and do not allow players to withdraw their winnings.

Someone who is prepared to start betting in online casinos needs to know how to avoid a bad casino, what the bad casinos are in New Zealand, and how to research these casinos.

Blacklisted NZ casinos

Each online casino on this list should be avoided because they have broken the online code of conduct:

  • Parklanecasino (Aff Power)
  • Balza online casino
  • Belle-Vegas online casino
  • Be the Dealer
  • Backgammon Monsters
  • Atlantic Vegas
  • 21 Dukes
  • Spin Casino
  • Videoslots
  • Jackpotcity casino
  • Absolute Poker online casino
  • 50 Stars
  • Ace Live
  • All Star Slots online casino
  • Casinobordeaux (Aff Power)
  • Casinotriomphe (Aff Power)
  • Coolcat casino
  • Ladbrokes
  • Royal Vegas
  • Hippodrome

Other NOT recommended casinos

The following casinos do not necessarily belong to the category blacklisted, but for one or more reasons we have chosen that the casino is not good enough to be recommended to players.

It may also be that the casino simply does not accept players from New Zealand anymore.

By following these steps and watching out for rogue websites, players can have a good time gambling without needlessly losing their money.

Why NZ online casinos get blacklisted?

New Zealand online casinos replaced on the blacklist when they do things that will cause consumers problems. These casinos are often doing something that is illegal, unethical, or rude.

These casinos have been known to do all the following things, and it would be smart for players to try to avoid these casinos because there are so many of them out there that do these things.

In fact, a lot of players do not even realize there is a problem until it is too late.

blacklisted casinos

Withholding payouts

Withholding players payouts is a major problem with some casinos because they often make the customer think that the money is just not coming out because of the way the banks work.

In fact, these online casinos are withholding payments from consumers while forcing them to pay more money or pay ridiculous fees.

Because of this, people often lost money because they do not know how to get that money back.

Fake bonus offers

Fake or untruthful bonus offers are something that people run across every day because they either do not receive the bonus or cannot use the bonus the way that it was explained.

Some online casinos will put a ridiculous time limit on the bonus offers they have, but others will limit the bonuses to a degree that they have no real value.

Plus, a casino that forces the player to make a large deposit for what seems like a suspect bonus might be planning to withhold that money when the customer wants it back.

Casinos without licenses

No Licensing is a problem for the casinos that have been placed on the blacklist because no one has certified them as good or right. These casinos tend to do what they want, and they get away with it because no one is stopping them.

There are many places where a casino can get their license online, and it would be wise for people to make sure that their favorite casino has a license before they start playing.

The license should be obvious, and a link to the licensing body should be on the homepage.

Spam/Junk Emails

Spam or Junk Emailing is a tactic that these online platforms will use because they want to mine information so that they can sell that information to someone else who will send the junk mail or spam mail.

This is something that is very damaging to the community because people do not trust anyone they play with.

The companies that send spam mail are placed on the blacklist because they are not actually trying to give people a good experience while gambling.

Bad customer support

Bad customer support is something that can get any company on the blacklist. It is very hard for people to give very good customer support because they have to commit to the process.

When this is the case, these people need to have a staff that will look after customers and offers multiple support options.

A bad online casino is going to make it virtually impossible for the customer to reach someone who can help them. Plus, the worst casino is going to assume that everything is the customer’s problem.

Manipulating games & influenced RNG

Manipulating games and compromised RNG results are a big part of why casinos will end up on the blacklist.

The RNG is supposed to be completely random, but there are companies that manipulate the whole system for their gain.

They will make it impossible to win, and it will be clear to the player that the games are not fair.

How to recognize trusted casinos?

Recognizing trusted casinos is easy when the player stick to companies that do all of the following things:

Casino software should come from the best companies in the industry. Companies like Microgaming and NetEnt publish who they partner with. If the player cannot find an affiliation on that programmer’s website, the games are fake.

Security features should be included on every site, and the secure server prefix https should be obvious. Also, a security badge should be listed on the homepage that shows the software the company uses to protect its customers.

Casino licenses should be posted on the homepage. A lot of companies are licensed by Malta or the UK. There is an obvious badge on the homepage, and players can go to the licensing body’s webpage.

Good customer support should include live chat, phone support, and email support. The company should respond quickly, and they should offer good options for each customer.

SSL encryption is required to ensure the site is safe, and that encryption is often described on a page on the site.

AffPower affiliate group

Affpower Home Page screenshot

Fake NetEnt games, the use of the term “rogue casino group”, and other problems make it very hard to trust the AFF group.

This group wants to be rogue so that they can do whatever they want, and they have taken up a lot of the bad online casinos that are on the blacklist.

We can mention few Aff power casinos that are a scam and that includes  Euromooncasino, Deuceclub, Osiriscasino.  Oceanbets, Magikcasino. Crazycasinoclub, slots500, Ramsesgold.

Check online for word like a rogue casino to know who to avoid.

Does AffPower hack websites?

Thousand of the website have been hacked during the past 4 years. many of those sites have redirected to casinos that run under the AffPower Group.

Also, in money terms on Google, many of these hacked sites started to appear, and the benefits have gone to online casinos that were position on those sites. We can say correct but many suspects that the owners of Affpower are in some way involved in hackings of these websites.

Our recommendation is that all Affiliates and Players should stop promoting and playing on those casinos. As long Aff power casinos are operating the iGaming casino industry will not be safe, and in the case that those casinos cease to operate it would be some much better and safer environment for players and affiliates.

Here is some rogue AffPower Group you should skip if you are NZ affiliate or player:

  • Smashing Casino
  • Park Lane Casino
  • Company Casino
  • Casino 1 Club
  • Osiris Casino
  • Euromoon Casino
  • Atlantic Casino Club
  • CashPot Casino

AffPower fake NetEnt games

not recomended affpower

AffPower is on our blacklist because it been hosting the fake NetEnt games. The Cosmic casino that runs under Affpower was detected to use the fake NetEnt games.

You can check if the games are fake by clicking the inspect and check from what server the games are served from.

Fake games are much slower and the RNG is corrupted so that means that the casino game is not fair and you are gonna be cheated.