Betzest casino & sportsbook is closing down its operations immediately!

Betzest has today issued a message on the site and via email that the business will cease completely from 31 July 2022. No more online sport betting and pokies playing at Betzest!

Betzest closing down
Betzest closing down

When you visit Betzest, you may find that the site is haunted where things are not really loaded.

The top header has been replaced with a single header that consists of text and where it is informed that the business will be shut down immediately.

Until July 31, all players will have the chance to withdraw their money and until then, Betzest will inform its customers about the closure and how to withdraw their winnings before the business ceases completely.

However, playing is not possible

The site is still alive to offer customers an easy way to log in and withdraw their money, but you can not do more than that.

In other words, those who have money in the gaming account can not choose to play for the money as no games are offered at all in the casino.

All sections are completely empty and we now see a shell with a casino site and what it looks like when third party services such as game developers are removed from a casino site.

The money left over from Betzest after July 31st will be sent to Malta Gaming Authority.

What happens to Betzest here on the site?

As you can see, we have done our utmost to inform everyone that Betzest is shutting down for good and our system has deactivated Betzest, which in short means that it disappears from our website almost completely (99% disappears automatically).

There are internal links left and a Betzest review that we can look back on to remember the Betzest casino.

It is also added to our page where we list blacklisted casinos because it is an online casino that no longer exists.