Best card game in a casino? All casino card games compared!

A simple guide for those of us who love card games for real money!

Let’s compare them and see which card game is the best to play at online casinos!

Here we list the most popular card games at a casino and compare these to be able to rank the card games offered at casinos!

  • Below you will see a summary of the card games we are comparing here with some info.
  • Further down you can read a little more about each card game and click through to a complete guide about the game.

Casino card games

Card gameBest House EdgeDifficultyGame typePlay with bonus
Black Jack0.5%3/10Live or RNGChoose bonus
Poker1,5 – 5,227/10Live, RNG or Real playersChoose bonus
Andar Bahar2,15%2/10LiveChoose bonus
Baccarat1.06%3/10Live or RNGChoose bonus
Video poker0.5 – 5%3/10RNG (Slot)Choose bonus
Difficulty – How difficult is the game to master!

1. Black Jack – Biggest winning chance!

Black Jack is a beloved child with many names such as 21 or Vingt-Un.

It is an obvious favorite among casino players around the world who love casino card games because it is a sophisticated game with the highest chance of winning compared to all the games in the casino.

With the right tactics and good basic knowledge, you as a player can ensure that the house edge is only 0.5%.

Another thing that makes this card game very popular is that it is a very easy game to learn to play. All you need to know is simple math to keep track of how many points you have in your hand.

And the goal is to reach 21 or to get closer to the dealer without going over. That’s pretty much it!

Black Jack rules

Black Jack live

2. Poker – Most popular!

oker is also a really good card game where you can maximize your chances of winning with basic knowledge and the right tactics.

How big the house advantage is depends on which poker game you choose to play. Here follows an average value of the house advantage in various poker games.

The most popular version is Texas HoldEm poker. The game is offered at online casinos in an RNG version where you play against a computer and in a live version where you play either against other poker players or against a live dealer.

Poker rules


3. Baccarat – Simple & sophisticated!

Baccarat, just like 21, is a favorite among high-rollers around the world. It is both because it is a card game where the house has little advantage compared to other games and because it is a slow casino game that high rollers can enjoy without stress.

With good basic knowledge of the game’s rules and the right tactics, you can reduce the house advantage to as little as 1.06%..

The game is also incredibly easy to master. With only 3 possible bets, it takes no more than 30 seconds for anyone to understand how to play Baccarat.

Baccarat rules


4. Andar Bahar – Indian card game!

A card game that is less known around the world but a huge favorite in India. It is a guessing card game where you have to bet on the inside or the outside.

That means two choices! What you bet on is whether the Jokern card will end up inside or outside. Andar means inside and Bahar outside, hence the name Andar Bahar.

In this card game, the house has an advantage of at least 2.15%, which is quite good odds compared to many other casino games.

Andar Bahar rules

Andar Bahar

5. Video poker – Poker in slots form!

Video poker is actually another form of a poker game, but we list it as a separate game because it really only comes from poker but is actually a slots game.

The question is really whether it even fits into card games, but as the world’s most famous game, we think it deserves it. In short.

Video poker is the card game with the worst odds because it is a slot and not a table game. This means that the game can have up to 5% house edge.

Despite that, it is one of the world’s most played games due to its simplicity and doubling function.

Video poker rules

Video poker


Which card game is the easiest to win at?

It is undoubtedly the card game Blackjack, but only if you know the basics well. For maximum profit chance, you should use a basic strategy chart.

Which card game has the worst odds?

Andar Bahar has the worst odds from all of theese card games, but it is nevertheless a card game with good odds compared to other casino games.

Which card games are offered at real casinos?

Video poker, Andar Bahar, Baccarat, Blackjack, Texas Holdem poker, Caribbean stud poker, Pai gow poker, Casino War.