7 simple ways to gamble responsibly

Everyone loves to win, but sometimes players go too far. That is why is always better to play with commitment and responsibility, especially at online casinos where games are mostly accessible through smartphones or computers.

Games with real money involved are extremely addictive, and players should be careful and responsible during their gambling adventures.


Here, we’ve built seven simple strategies to make online gambling responsible!

1. Take a self-assessment test

You may have a problem that can indicate whether or not you are in a dangerous region. It may also improve the knowledge and understanding of a player’s game actions.

How does it work? The task is obvious, and the number of true statements in the list should get counted.

If your response is’ yes’ to four or even more questions from self-assessment test, you’re at the risk of gambling problems.

  • Do I need a longer time to play or for more money to get excitement?
  • Do I feel annoyed or impatient if I reduce my playing?
  • Have I tried to reduce or stop playing if not successful?
  • Do I spend more time on planning for playing?
  • Do I play when I am nervous or guilty?
  • Do I try to win back the past losses?
  • Have I spoken lie to others for the time I spend on playing?
  • Has ever my human conditions ever been affected by my gambling?
  • Have I ever borrowed money or sold property from others?
  • Have I ever hurt someone or try to commit suicide due to loss in gambling?
  • Have I ever tried to steal money due to gambling?
  • Have I ever taken alcohol and then played?

This test is taken from the official Canadian Problem Gambling Index.

Below is an example of the self-assessment from the official NZ Problem gambling foundation!

screenshot of the self-assessment test

2. Talk about your gambling problems

There have been many organizations along with outreach programs with whom you can connect to make the gaming experience better. On a few apps, you can exempt yourself from games in New Zealand.

Contestants don’t have to be dependent or have serious challenges. You still can notify these performers to get support, express ideas or issues, and much more. The latter, in turn, can help stop you from entering into some toxic relationship with sports betting. Both categories are also open to families who believe a member has trouble playing.

Organizations for problem gambling in New Zealand (help-lines):

  • Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand ( pgf.nz, phone contact: 0800 664 262 )
  • Gambling Helpline New Zealand ( gamblinghelpline.co.nz, phone contact: 0800 654 655 )
  • Youth Gambling Helpline ( phone contact: 0800 654 659 )
  • Gambling Debt Helpline ( phone contact: 0800 654 658
counselling advice support

3. Contact casino customer support

There is a sort of responsible gaming in which you speak to somebody about their issues or worries and to visit the online casino where you were a participant. It is not ideal, as help from the organization might get prejudiced in the subject that you want to play.

On the other side, all casinos available in New Zealand must encourage players who seek support or who have a great idea of gambling.

Players should always gamble only for fun!

4. Sign back out of the game site 

Take advice for responsible gambling may be to sign out of the game site after every gaming session. It can behave as a warning to one’s self if someone wants to win right then or should take regular breaks at this moment.

You may erase the available login information and select that you don’t want to keep in mind the password. It could also be a great way of maintaining minors from performing through someone’s account.

5. Create a gaming budget 

The responsible thing to do for accountability is to create a gaming budget. It should be selective, and therefore you should support the spending plan that you first built. In the spending plan, you need to estimate how much you would manage to play at an online company.

Do not even forget out on having a hard time figuring out a victory; winning an online casino is almost always a reward or a big bonus in gambling. Rather than assume how well you can probably play without doing something about one’s particular financial situation.

6. Set deposit limit

Several limitations can get set at major online casinos, and another is for deposit. You need to restrict the number of deposits or the highest amount per day, week, or month makes it simple for you as a competitor to realize how much you can potentially possibly play for some time.

It’s ideal if you’ve already stuck to a budget or have difficulty following the expenditure.

7. Attempt to restrict screen time 

The restriction will be the one that determines how lengthy one’s game time or sessions might be.

It enables players who don’t have space to play for such a long period or find it hard to find a stake in something else during most of the days.

Gambling doesn’t have to take over the whole day, as well as the gaming deadline is perfect!

Learn more about responsible gambling here!