+2000 added casino games that you can play for free without an account!

Hi, I want to share a fairly small post today about our latest update here on the site.

We have added a whole new section for games “free games” where we have uploaded over 2000 casino games downloaded directly from the game providers so you can play all casino games here with us without an account and for as long as you want!

This is how it works

    1. Go to free games (You can also find here via the main menu, directly below the casino games)
    2. Filter the games by selecting game type or game provider.
    3. Select a game and click play now! Have fun! Play as long as you want!

We take care of the rest

Our system collects data from game providers every day and updates our games section automatically so that you constantly see new casino games as soon as they are launched on the game provider’s website.

In other words, you can try out games before they even come out at the online casinos.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!