Top 6 online pokies with only 1 payline

Online 1 payline pokies are are slots that originate from the very first slots machines, which were then also called one-armed bandits.

These Pokies have several features that make them more appealing to players than other pokies.

These include free play, autoplay, bonuses, jackpots, and more.

Online 1 payline pokies have evolved over time and can now be found on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Read on for more detailed info about the top six 1 payline online pokies.

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Top 6 pokies with 1 payline only

1. Forge of Fortunes

The Forge of Fortunes video slot was launched on Aug 11, 2022 by Play’n GO. Its layout comprises 3 reels to choose from, and you can bet on up to 1 payline.

Forge of Fortunes
Forge of Fortunes

This video slot features various themes like Gold, Mining, and Treasures. Forge of Fortunes has an RTP of 96.2%, which is about average for online slots.

It implies that for every €100 you put into the slots game, your likely payout is €96.2.

However, producing a winning outcome at slot machines requires millions of spins, and any smaller payouts are completely random.

This slot machine has a maximum payout of 2500x your bet, giving you a chance to win big.


  • Forge of Fortunes is loaded with exciting features, including Wilds and various settings. It also has an amazing free spins bonus that increases your chances of winning.

Play Forge of Rotunes online:

2. Golden Horns

The Golden Horns video slot was developed by Betsoft and released on Jan 14, 2021. Its layout has 3 reels and up to 1 payline.

Golden Horns
Golden Horns

The themes in Golden Horns include Asians, Animals, Chinese, Oriental, and Ox. This video slot has an RTP of 96.26%, considered average by online slot standards.

The maxim possible win for this slot machine is 25344 times your wager.


  • Golden Horns has many features, including a Multiplier Wild and a Win Multiplier. However, this game doesn’t offer a free spins bonus feature which is a bit peculiar.

Play Golden Horns online:

3. Seven 7s

The Seven 7s video slot was developed by Microgaming and released on Feb 18, 2020. This video slot is among the best slots on the market and features themes like Classic and Sevens.

Seven 7s
Seven 7s

Its layout comprises 1 reel and up to 1 payline. The RTP for Seven 7s is 96.6%. This rate is considered to be excellent and higher than average.

This slot has a Max Win Potential of 25,000 times your total bet. It’s a chance to win real big money, and it’s calculated over many spins.


  • Seven 7s does not have free spins bonus feature, which is quite unusual. In addition, it has features that relate to the Las Vegas style, such as Multiplier Wilds and Extra Reels.

Play 7s online:

4. Spaceman

The Spaceman video slot was developed by Pragmatic Play and launched on Mar 28, 2022.


This video slot has a layout with 1 reel and up to 1 payline. It features various themes, including Space, Aliens, and Sci-Fi. But its not really a slot machine, but more a crash game or Intsant win game.

The RTP for this casino game is 96.5%, which is about average for an online slot. The maximum win for this game is 5000 times your total bet which is awesome and allows you to win big.


  • With so many features, such as Increasing Multiplier and Crash Game, Spaceman has won many fans since its release. Unfortunately, it lacks the free spins bonus feature, which is common in online video slots.

Play Spaceman online:

5. Queens Day Tilt

The Queens Day Tilt video slot was developed by Playn Go and launched on Feb 14, 2019. It has a layout that includes 3 reels but has up to 1 payline.

Queens Day Tilt
Queens Day Tilt

Queens Day Tilt also features themes like Queens, Kings, Medival, and Knights. The RTP for this video slot is 96.36%, with a maximum win potential of 5000 times your total bet.

This is amazingly good as it gives you a chance to win big.


  • Some of Queens Day Tilt’s features include Extra Wilds Bonus Multiplier, Increasing Multiplier, Retrigger, and Respins. Besides, it offers free spins bonus and where you can win big.

Play Queens day tilt online:

6. Tree of Riches

The Tree of Riches video slot was launched on Oct 3, 2019, by Pragmatic Play, who were also the developers. Read on for more information about this game and its features.

Tree of Riches
Tree of Riches

This casino game has 3 reels and 1 payline. Its themes include Asian, Oriental, Chinese, Riches, Treasures, and Wealth.

The Return to Player for this slot is 96.5%, which is great and considered an average standard for an online slot.

The RTP is calculated on millions of spins, and every spin’s output is always random. The max win potential for this slot is 2880 times your total bet.


Tree of Riches has many features, including Multiplier, Respins, Multiplier Wilds, and Wilds. However, it doesn’t offer free spins bonus feature, which is quite unusual.

Play Tree of Riches online:

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